Usually, if there's an announcement about upcoming games, there's only one trailer. However, with the case of Rogue Company, there are actually two trailers due to the partnership of the developer Hi-Rez Studio with Epic Games!

Rogue Company is a new PvP shooter from the veterans of Hi-Rez Studio - the developer will a lot of experience creating multiplayer games. Here's the (first) trailer of the game, and you can have a look below:

Rogue Company is the secret group of elite mercenaries

People have been acknowledging Rogue Company as the name of a "syndicate of elite mercenaries". In fact, according to the rumor, it is actually the best for fulfilling missions. However, very few people know what's their main duty.

Rogue Company is actually irreplacable when dealing with the most dangerous and challenging missions on Earth. Hence, it's very honored to become a member of this organization.

Rogue Company Pvp Shooter Epic Exclusive 1

As a Rogue Company's mercenary, you'll now wield your weapon and get into the task location to compete online in PVP modes to complete your missions!

Key gameplay features

As a PvP shooter, Rogue Company doesn't have a very fascinating background story. But from the early look trailer, its gameplay is going to be breath-taking. According to the developer, the combats in Rogue Company is going to be team-based, as you will share the arena with several players and fight with your team.

Rogue Company Pvp Shooter Epic Exclusive 2
Rogue Company is going to be team-based

It seems that the characters don't matter too much, even though there are several playable mercenaries. Instead, it will focus on weapons and gadgets that you can take into the battles. Scott Zier - The Creative Director behind this game - also confirmed that they're very dedicated, and they'll bring new game modes and maps to the game in the future.

Rogue Company Pvp Shooter Epic Exclusive 3
New contents will come to the game in the future

Coming out in 2020 only on Epic Games Store

The developer didn't announce the true reason for this decision, but it's not so far away from the bigger benefit shares of Epic Games. And it seems that Epic has to give Hi-Rez Studio more than just its juicy carrots, as the developer even make a separate trailer for this partnership. It's titled Lock and Load, Prepare to Go Rogue - and its live actions are mere eye candies.

You can see it down here:

The mercenaries in Rogue Company is coming out in 2020 at an unknown date. We'll update the latest information for you about the game as soon as it comes out.