Song of Horror is a psycho-horror adventure game that features a supernatural entity - The Presence. The Presence is controlled by an advanced AI that is adaptive to your decision and actions. In Song Of Horror, you will face unbearable fears as the world seems to hunt you down in the least expected way. Everything you do, everywhere you go would have a unique experience and tension that builds up in the most natural way.

Song of Horror
Song of Horror - a psychological horror title to arrive this Halloween.

Gameplay overview

To start off, you get to choose from 13 playable initial characters. Each one is different from another, bringing a wide variety of points of view into the game. While some have a deeper understanding of their surroundings, others might be more effective in dealing with supernatural manifestations. However, once the Presence gets to them, the death is permanent and you’ll have to continue from where you left off.

Song Of Horror
Treasure each character you play! Once a character dies, he's gone forever.

Check out the launch trailer of Song of Horror as below:

The first two episodes of Song of Horror will arrive this Halloween. Every episode has a unique experience in them that would definitely scare players. The first one will happen in a scary Husher mansion while the second one takes you to a horrifying antique shop. According to sources, the third, fourth and fifth episodes should arrive this December, January, and March, respectively. Approximately, Song of Horror will require around 20 hours of gameplay.

Song Of Horror
More episodes of Song Of Horror are coming in the next few months.

Key Features:

  • Investigate the mysteries within each location under a psychological horror story.
  • Face The Presence, an adaptive AI with unpredictable slices of horror.
  • Choose among different characters with different views, stories, and relationships. Once a character dies, you’ll need to pick another one and continue uncovering the horror.

Song of Horror
Song of Horror arrives on PC via Steam on October 31st, 2019.

Song of Horror will be available for PC (Steam) on October 31. Details about PS4 and Xbox One version will be revealed later.