Halloween is just around the corner. The scary session each year is a rare chance to experience fear and chill to the bone. Here are the top 10 horror games for you to enjoy at home rather than going outside.

1 - Lost Within - ₹283

Set in an abandoned asylum, Lost Within lets you free to explore a vast arena with many surprises ahead. Keep in mind that you are not alone as some dangerous killer is also on the loose, looking for his next target. You can also unveil various secrets with Lost Within.

The game lets you choose various options ranging from man-fight zombies to running or hiding from hostile creatures. As you proceed ahead, the story pans out and clears up the mystery. Lost Within is perfect for a spooky Halloween day. The game is priced at $3.99 on App Store.

2 - Five Nights at Freddy’s - ₹212

The game needs no introduction as it has become one iconic name in the world of horror games. Consisting of 5 parts, each Five Nights at Freddy’s game is a thrilling experience. You play as a security guard at a pizza shop. The night is when everything goes weird and you have to survive with little electricity left.

With suspenseful and horrific atmosphere, Five Nights at Freddy’s will be the perfect game to enjoy during this Halloween. Each part of the series is available at $2.99 on the App Store.

3 – Home - ₹212

While most horror games out there tend to use jumpscare to throw something horrible at your face, Home is something else. With pixel-art graphics and an eerie atmosphere, the game will bring a story-rich horror title to spice up your Halloween.

Not just enjoyed for its horror, Home at some point pushes you into making decisions to determine the outcome of your fate. As the game progresses and you have made your choices, the secret unveils and tells you the big picture.

Home is available on App Store for $2.99

4 – Year Walk – ₹283

Another fantastic yet filled with horror game for you to choose, Year Walk is outstanding with its charming graphics and fascinating storytelling. The game bases loosely on an ancient tradition of seeing fortune tellers to know more about the upcoming fate of one’s life.

Here you will embark on a journey through a forest full of disturbing visions and creatures. While the game is mainly of the horror genre, there are various puzzles to solve along your path. With charming graphics and bizarre atmosphere, Year Walk will leave you catching your breaths at times. It is well worth the price tag of $3.99 on the App Store.

5 – Eyes - Free

If you ever intend to become a thief (you should definitely not), remember to check if a house is worth trying. Eyes sets you as a house thief and lets you break into a house. It should be empty but guess what? It is not. As you are still confused, it turns out that you are not alone in the house. The walls are full of eyes.

That is one weird house as you move on and explore what’s hidden beyond these walls and eyes. Though the game has pretty simple graphics, the horror it delivers is worth the time you spend crawling around. Eventually, you may question your sanity as Eyes continues to haunt you even after putting your phone down. Beware the walls, just saying. Eyes is available on the App Store for free.

6 – Murder Room – Free

Top 10 Scary Ios Game 02
Will you get out alive?

Escape the room has become a trending genre in recent years. Though the genre is mostly puzzle, it may get scary if executed by good developers. Murder Room shoves you into a locked room full of puzzles and questions. As you explore your surroundings, more information will come to light.

You are totally not safe with one series killer roaming around. Your mission is to trust your instinct and find a way out before you get butchered. Murder Room is filled with violence and gore so prepare yourself well. Will you find a good ending or end up in pieces? Murder Room is free on the App Store. Go grab it for your Halloween night.

7 – Forgotten Memories – ₹425

Forgotten Memories brings back the feeling of 90s games with the eerie graphics and storytelling. Set in an asylum filled with strange objects and little light, you have to search for a missing girl named Eden.

With a terrifying atmosphere and graphics, Forgotten Memories is a perfect choice for you to play at home alone with little light. However, don’t get too attached to the character as you may at times question her sanity. “what if you were trapped in your own memories?”

8 - Slender Rising – ₹212

We are no stranger to the urban legend Slenderman. Here in Slender Rising, you get a chance to play against the mysterious faceless man. Slender Rising is most about the eerie atmosphere with intense sound effects that can throw you off your chair at times. You definitely should consider putting on a headphone for the best experience. The game is available on App Store for $2.99.

9 – Vanished – Free

Top 10 Scary Ios Game 03
The game offers a unique experience through the audio narrative

Another free game on the list, Vanished tells the story in one of the weirdest ways – through audio. Most of the game, you have to trust your ear to hear the narrative and imagine the story. However, it is not simply a story by audio, you can actually interact with it.

You can control the outcome of the story by making a move. Simply point the direction you want to walk, tap on the screen to move along and share to attack. The game contains more surprises than what you expect. Remember to put on a headset for the best experience. The game is free on the App Store.

10 - Dark Meadow – Free

Dark Meadow at first seems more like a hack and slash game where you fight off monsters and hostile creatures. However, there is more to it than meets the eye. The game offers a basic combat system to take down monsters yet still a decent story to go through. The game has multiple ending, leaving you scratch your head after many replays. Dark Meadow is free on the App Store.