The 7th Guess is a classic horror game that people have been recalling every Halloween. However, this year is going to have a little difference. Gamers will still think of The 7th Guess, but not only for its goods but also for this gorgeous fan game - The 13th Doll!

Starting from just a passion project that Attic Door Productions worked on in their free time, the game quickly grows into a fully licensed product. And as it's licensed now, you can expect that The 13th Doll will perfectly pick up what's left in the 1993's game.

Below is the trailer for the launch of this spin-off, which you can see to catch the eerie vibes:

The story of The 13th Doll

You probably won't get to the concept of The 13th Doll without knowing what happened in The 7th Guest, so here's a little flashback for you. In The 7th Guess, a wicked toymaker namely Henry Stauf has filled his mansion with a bunch of wicked dolls. He has invited 6 guests to his house before reaching to Tad - the 7th one to get into the horrifying nightmare.

The 13th Doll The 7th Guest Spin Off Launch 0
The 7th Guest told the first story in Henry Stauf's mansion

Stuck in here, Tad will have to suffer from the worst horror he has imagined, from mysterious spirits to Stauf's dolls and the ghost of the previous guests. He managed to stay alive and get out (I don't want to spoil too much), but the experience in the mansion is still obsessing him until now.

That's when The 13th Doll starts. 10 years later, Tad still cannot get out of his horrible past. The souls of the dead ones, the victims that he left behind before running away from the house always lurking in his head, torturing again and again. It's so terrible that he has to stay in a psychiatric hospital, feeling guilty for what he has done.

The 13th Doll The 7th Guest Spin Off Launch 2
Tad has gone crazy with his haunting past and has to get into a mental institution

The only way for him to get out of this situation is to make his way back to the mansion, facing his worst inner fears, and complete what he hasn't done. There's only this thought in his mind now: defeat Henry Stauf forever!

Finally, his chance has come, as a new doctor namely Richmond came to his hospital. Completely new to Henry Stauf's story, the doctor can't help becoming more and more interested, and he will help Tad getting out of the asylum to get to the mansion for a special therapy. Together, Richmond and Tad head to the place, just to find bloody scenes of lies, death, and hallucinations.

The 13th Doll The 7th Guest Spin Off Launch 5
The two will go back to the mansion to defeat Stauf for goods

Do the two get back to this mansion on their own will? Or they're just a little part of a much more wicked plan?

Gameplay features

In The 13th Doll, players will take control over the original 7th guest - Tad and a needlessly curious doctor - Richmond. As they have two different worldviews, you'll explore the haunting mansion of the toymaker Henry Stauf from two separated paths.

Since it's a heavy narrative-driven game, there is nothing much to say about its gameplay. Your job is simply advance your way through the mansion, solving 26 mind-blowing puzzles and unveiling the secrets behind the story from the first-person perspective.

The 13th Doll The 7th Guest Spin Off Launch 1
Solves 26 extremely challenging puzzles to unveil the mystery

With the power of Unity Engine, The 13th Doll will mark the first time you can see Henry Stauf's legacy in HD visuals. All of the movements of the eerie dolls and other inhabitants in the mansion are very smooth, and its details might scare the freak out of even the bravest men.

The 13th Doll The 7th Guest Spin Off Launch 3
What is the true identity of Stauf's 13th doll?

However, it's not that straightforward as that, since you'll experience a lot of jumpscares and breathtaking scenes. And your choices in the game will result in totally 5 endings, which you won't recognize spending your whole night screaming inside. For a hollow Halloween night, this game is just mere perfection.

Release date

The 13th Doll is coming for PC via Steam on October 31.

The 13th Doll The 7th Guest Spin Off Launch 4
Right in time for a great Halloween night!

People already backed its Kickstarter campaign can get the game without any further payment. And if you look closer into the game, you might find your names in the hidden objects scattering in the mansion!