Being the hero saving the world is too mainstream, so Carrion will take you to a completely different approach. Instead of slaying down the monsters, you'll become the monster, shredding humans alive and consume them to become stronger.

First coming to the limelight in E3 2019, Carrion has caught a lot of attention from the gaming community with its strange concept. And now, players will have the chance to dive into the role of a disgusting monster with a free demo of the game.

If you need more images from its gameplay, find them in the reveal trailer below:

About Carrion

According to the developer Phobia Game Studio, Carrion is a "reverse-horror" platformer, which you'll not take control of a hero but the monster itself. To be more specific, you are a formless creature (think about a slime but with tentacles) try to get out of a facility where people have trapped you in.

Carrion Free Demo Out For Halloween 1
You cannot let the people torturing you live peacefully anymore!

They though you have some relation with the alien entity, so they've been conducting many cruel experiments on the poor creatures. Now, as you've got out of the cage somehow, it's time to revenge. Crawling in the dark corners of the basement, you'll spread fears to the whole scenes by eating the scientists and guards with your horrifying pseudopods.

Carrion Free Demo Out For Halloween 3
Use your tentacles to tear them into pieces before enjoying your meals

The more you eat, the bigger and more powerful you'll become. However, your revenge would not stop from just eating and evolving, but it's also about spreading the fears and tear down the whole facility for revenge, too.

Carrion Free Demo Out For Halloween 4
Bringing the whole facility to doom is what you want to do!

This sounds very engrossing, but the developer has packed in a lot of features to soften its violent concept. The pixelated graphics have done a good job, making your monster look kind of cute instead of horrifying. Furthermore, your slime-like monster moves with such satisfying physics regarding your weight and quickness, too.

Carrion Free Demo Out For Halloween 2
Its pixelated graphics making the game less engrossing

Free demo available now, but will be brought down soon!

Even though it's violent factors are not that serious, Carrion is still a bloody horror game. Hence, this free demo is a great chance to see whether its gameplay is suitable for you. You can find the game on Steam, and download the free demo there.

Carrion Free Demo Out For Halloween 5
Free demo of Carrion is now available on Steam

And don't forget you need to be quick! This time-limited prototype will only available until November 2, so you only have three more days left!

Enjoy your Halloween!