Horror games have come a long way - with the graphics updated from 2D to 3D, and then got more detailed with HD textures, realistic blood, and gore, from jumpscares to more and more tools to frighten gamers. But then, some horror games managed to be scary while still keeping its retro, classic looks - that some players might even call it outdated. And it seems that the upcoming horror game 'FAITH: The Unholy Trinity' will be one of those rarities, with a creepy announcement trailer released right on time for this year's Halloween.

You can see the game's trailer on the video below:

As we can see in the trailer above, while many thought that the game's scariness would be limited by the retro graphics and design, it actually poses no problem as the developers really know how to take all their tools to their advantages. The way the dev uses retro art style to draw 'humans' makes the image becoming eerie and creepy. Along with that, the 'bleep bloop' of the classic, 8-bit-style soundtrack even contributes to the unsettling feels of the game.

This game was made by the efforts of the independent developer Airdorf, while New Blood Interactive takes care of the publication. The game's setting is about a young priest after an exorcism quest went wrong, and now he is being chased by demons from hell.

Artwork from the game

FAITH: The Unholy Trinity is split into 3 chapters (hence the 'Trinity' in the name), and the Steam version will release all three chapters at once. And if you like unorthodox horror games that not rely on realistic gore and jump scares, then you should take a look at this game.

The demo of FAITH: The Unholy Trinity is now available on Steam, while the full version of the game is still waiting to be completed. The release date will be announced on a future date.