The battle royale mode of Call of Duty: Mobile features a total of 6 classes, each has one unique passive and active ability which gives them different advantages. These classes are Clown, Defender, Mechanic, Medic, Ninja, and Scout. Note that in the classes choosing screen, we can also see another class called Airborn, which is not available at the moment yet.

For players who just get into the game, the biggest question is, what is the best class to play in this mode? I would say it mostly depends on how you play the game and your preference. But as the state of the game right now, some classes have more benefit over others in certain ways. If you haven't decided which class is the one for you yet, you can check out this list to see which class is having the most advantage right now.

6. Medic

Call Of Duty Mobile Loadout Inventory
Healing is generally good, but not that good here

Active skill - Medical Station: Put down a medical station to heal you and your allies over time in an area.

Passive skill - Medic: You can heal and revive knocked down teammates 25% faster.

Healing is an important part of a battle royale game. Medic allows you and your team to keep your health at a high level at all times. However, as the state of the game right now, there is an abundance of healing items on the map for everyone. Also, the station can't boost the health of your team past 100 health (but if you are above 100 health, it can heal you to 150 health). With an upgraded chip, the station will heal at a faster rate, making it quite useful when you need to go back to the battle quickly.

In solo, Medic's skill is almost completely useless because you will always need adrenaline to 150 health anyway. In Squad, this class is a little bit more useful but it is not that good. In addition, gathering your team all in one place might end up in a disaster because of grenades and SMRS.

5. Scout

Br Classes The Scout
Scout skill can detect enemies in a small area

Active skill - Sensor Dart: Shoot out a Sensor Dart that will reveal the location of nearby enemies for a short time.

Passive skill - Tracker: Scout can see the footprint of enemies a few seconds ago.

Knowing where the enemies are is a massive advantage in a battle royale game. However, If Sensor Dart isn't upgraded, its effective area is pretty small, too small to be useful at all. Scout's passive skill is also not very useful as it might seem to be. If you can see the footstep of your enemy then that means they are extremely close to you. In that case, you can depend on sound cue to guess where they are instead of looking at the ground and getting shot in the face.

However, Scouts' active skill is still very useful in the late game when upgraded. Late game circles are rather small and knowing the exact locations of your enemies allows you to plan ahead and act first.

4. Clown

Br Classes The Clown
Toy Bomb zombies are pretty annoying

Active skill - Toy Bomb: Throw out a toy that will summon zombies to attack nearby players. The toy will explode after a while.

Passive skill - Anti-zombie: The awareness distance of zombies is reduced to 15 meters.

Let first admit that Clown's passive skill is completely useless in almost every situation. However, Scout's active skill is quite interesting and fun to play too. Anyone should try to play Clown once.

The Toy Bomb is quite easy to use. Just throw it out like a grenade toward the enemies and zombie will spawn and chase them. While they are running and kiting the zombies, it is your turn to finish them off. But it is not very useful in close-range fights and swift fights where you need to finish your opponent fast. If the skill is upgraded, it will summon even more zombies, creating more chaos than any type of grenade. If there is no one nearby except for you then the zombie will focus on the Toy Bomb. Also, note that the explosion of the Toy Bomb can kill you right away so don't go near it.

3. Ninja

There aren't many places to use hook

Active skill - Grapple Hook: Shoot out a hook that will pull you toward its destination.

Passive skill - Dead Silence: You make less noise when moving.

Grapple Hook sounds great in theory but it is only an average skill at best. In Call of Duty: Mobile, you don't take fall damage, there aren't many high buildings, there are cables that take you to the top of mountains and all players can access most places without Grapple Hook. You will find yourself using this skill the most to get on top of some buildings to catch other players off guard or maybe to climb mountains faster and that is it. It has a maximum of 2 charges (3 when upgraded) at a time.

However, the passive skill of Ninja is something else, especially with a chip. You will make absolutely so sound at all when you are walking, running. Sneaking up on other players can never be easier, especially in the late game.

2. Mechanic

Emp Drone

Active skill - EMP Drone: Send out a Drone that will follow the enemy to disable some of their skill
Passive skill - Engineer: Allow you to see all vehicles, traps, equipment within 80m.

The passive skill of Mechanic is not very impressive. The only battle royale map in Call of Duty: Mobile is small with tons of loots and vehicles. You won't need a skill to see everything you need everywhere.

EMP Drone is on the other hand quite useful for both defense and offense purposes. The description of the skill might be a little bit confusing, but you can take a look at the picture above to understand it better.

As you can see, players who are affected by the EMP Drone will have their weapon HUD and minimap disabled. Also, they can not aim downside or hear you coming to them. It essentially limits their fighting ability and options down a lot. Plus the Drone will fly to nearby enemies by itself automatically and mark their place for you. The only viable option for anyone who is affected by the EMP Drone is to hide until it is gone.

1. Defender

Br Classes The Defender
Defender's skill is great for both offense and defense

Active skill - Transform shield:  Place a big shield in front of you and flash enemies for a few seconds.

Passive skill - Reinforced: All reduce all damage by 20% except for damage from guns.

Defender's passive skill isn't overpowered, but it is quite handy in some situations as you will take less damage from grenades, the Cerberus. Certainly not the best skill but not completely useless.

However, the active skill of Defender is the ultimate skill in combat. Other than placing a big shield and provide an instant protect whenever you want, it also blinds enemies nearby that are looking it at it for a few seconds. That is just more than enough to kill them off. Instant flash and protection are just too powerful, which is why Defender is the best class right now.