Call of Duty Mobile’s launch was one of the biggest in the mobile games industry, with over one hundred million downloads after just two weeks, on both iOS and Android. With popularity comes hackers and cheaters, and the most popular cheat amongst them is using bots.

Cod Mobile Br Boss
Bots can be pretty useful against bosses

The game is supposed to be played against real players, as there are just too many elements to considers in both normal and battle royale mode. The inclusion of AI would cause gamers’ experience of the game to be skewed, as no matter how well done they are, AI cannot replace real humans.

In multiplayer video games, AIs are usually either too weak or too strong. For example in games like Counter-Strike, the bots are just walking fodder so that you could gain more kills and golds. In other games with hard AIs, they can pretty much perform actions that are impossible for a human to replicate. Creating a balanced AI for video games is currently impossible, as the technology is not there yet. That is the reason why having bots in Call of Duty Mobile is not a good thing.

The second issue is players using bots. Call of Duty Mobile is just another shooter, which means creating an aimbot cheat is pretty straightforward. With the help of a bot, cheating players’ aim would be greatly enhanced.

You can pretty much win the game singlehandedly against 9 other bots

Currently, the developers haven’t really talked about the bots’ existence in the lower ranks matches. However, it definitely seems like that your first games are filled entirely with bots. As you progress towards rank 10, more and more players would be added every match. From level 10 and above, you would start to get real human opponents.

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