Looting mechanics are the essential part of any Battle Royale game, and Call of Duty Mobile is not different. In Call of Duty Mobile’s Battle Royale map, you would be able to loot weapons, armor pieces, and healing items from places all over the map after you land. This guide would give you an overview of the best loot locations in the game that you should scavenge.

Cod Mobile Map
The map for the Battle Royale Island

Each part of the guide would point out the best spots in each location of the Battle Royale map. The general rule is the better the spot is, the more careful you should be, as more people would be attracted to that location. The rewards for enduring the risk is quite high, however.


Bare Load Screen Launch Bo
The Launch map with the cosmodrome and launchpad from Call of Duty: Black Ops. People are often drawn to that rocket.

The launch site is probably the most crowded area on the map, as its located on the center of the island. You would probably find quite a few players in this location because it is easily accessible. There are a lot of buildings of various types in this area, including shacks, houses, tunnels, and offices. The weapons that could be found in this area are rifles and snipers. The loot spawns in an open area near the rocket, so you have to be very careful when infiltrating.


Bare Load Screen Crash Cod4
Crash is the ruined settlement with a burning helicopter in the middle, from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

This map is a large area in which you would find more buildings than players. When hitting this location, the best method is to land on the top of a tall building then make your way down. This way you will only have to fight other players after you have made it out. In this area, you would definitely find a decent amount of loot, as there are just too many spots that could spawn.


Cod Mobile Preview 02 1021x580
The infamous eatery from Call of Duty: Black Ops II is brought back to be a part of the battle royale map

Diner is pretty much the most dangerous place to infiltrate, as it is usually filled with hostiles. Combined that with the general lack of covers, you are probably going to die when spotted. A lot of good weapons and armors could be found in this area, however. Visit this place at your own risk.


Call Of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Sakura
Sakura is filled with cherry blossom trees, along with mountains and rivers in the background

Sakura is one of the best-looking spots in the game. It is quiet and does not attract too much attention, so you would probably find more loot than players here. The buildings in this area are very spread out, however, so you would have to walk distances if you screw up in the landing part. The best locations to start in this area are the rooftops (or anywhere high, really) so that you can spot the players nearby. Furthermore, the lack of cliffs in Sakura means you are safe from getting speared by those pesky snipers.


Pipeline Mwr
The pipeline map is the grimy and overgrown railyard ported from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

The pipeline has an array of warehouses contain loots. The most noticeable aspect of this location is the blind spots in those warehouses. You can easily be ambushed in this location if you are not careful. If there is no one inside or you are the first one to arrive there, grab a weapon fast and try to create an ambush.


Call Of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Mode E1570296826
Farm is the foreboding rural nightmare of a map. It was from Zombies Survival mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

The Farm is probably the biggest location on the map, as it contains many towns close together. There are tons of loot that could be found in each location you land on. As the town is clearly separated, you would not find many players close to your landing location. Due to the lack of covers between towns, you would have to be very careful when moving from one town to the next. The best part of the Farm is probably the western side, as the place is filled with spawns.


Justin Neo 20180216 0752 1021x580
Shipment is the cramped cargo docks from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Best spot for a bridge camp

Shipment is connected to Seaside with a bridge and is a decent spot to find loot. However, the main attraction of this location is probably the helicopter parked on the helipad in the back. Flying is the fastest way to get around, and the helicopter is probably the coolest vehicle to have. If you failed to grab it, do not falter, as the Shipment is a great ambush spot as well. People who landed on the small island (either Nuketown or Seaside) would have to cross a bridge to get to the mainland. The bridge would be the location you lay down your ambush.

Nuclear Plant

Meltdown Load Screen Boii
The nuclear plant and nearby facilities have always been a tough spot to contest

Located on the northern side of the map, the Nuclear Plant has an impressive amount of loot. Your best bet is the buildings nearby, as each of them would come with their own weapons and armor spawn. Be careful when infiltrating the Plant itself, however, as it has only one way to enter or exit. The door would be a pretty hot zone with multiple campers aiming at it.

Speed is pretty important when landing on a zone in Call of Duty Mobile, so you should decide your target before launching out of the plane, based on the route of the drop. Changing decisions midway is highly discouraged, as it would cost too much time. Landing first would give you first choice of weapons and the ability to set up an ambush for your adversaries.

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