Call of Duty: Mobile’s popularity has skyrocketed since its explosive launch a month ago. Due to the game being in beta for quite sometime before its official launch, hackers have been tinkering with the game files. As soon as the official version came out, the hacks were released along with it.

Due to it being an online multiplayer shooter, the common hacks and cheats are aimbot, wallhack, and radar hack. Aimbot ensures that the crosshair would automatically stick on any enemy appear on the screen – the cheating player would only have to press the fire button. Wallhack and radar hack have the same role: to reveal the locations of nearby players. With those hacks active, the hacker would never get ambushed by any other players.

Wallhack in Call of Duty Mobile

It is not really hard to detect those hackers, as they usually are greedy and would not die even once while having a huge streak. You would not be able to ambush them either, as they would out damage you with aimbot. The developers of Call of Duty Mobile have certainly expected this and included a reporting system for suspected hackers in-game. While the situation should be prevented from the root, getting a tool to flag the hackers’ accounts is better than nothing. According to a recent post from the developers, they would add more ways to report cheaters soon.

A custom hack that has multiple functions

Below we would present a step by step guide for the player report function. You can only report a player after the game ends, however. It is located on the scoreboard screen, with a list of all players and their total number of kills in the match.

After a match is completed and the scoreboard appears, you have to tap the exclamation mark icon, located on the top right corner.

Br Reporting
The report menu - try to provide more info if you can

A “Report” screen would appear, with the names of all players from both sides.

Select the suspected player and choose the report options. Hit the report button afterward.

Your report would flag the account, and after the suspected account gets too many flags, it would get inspected and depends on the violations, the developers would deal with it.

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