Killhouse is originally the map of a training area for new players in Call of Duty, however, it becomes part of the Multiplayer after a while. This map was amongst the first ported in Call of Duty Mobile. Cramped, compact and has no cover, surviving and thriving in this map is not as easy as one might believe. Only by getting used to the speed of combat could you get over everything and defeat your opponent.

In this guide, we will list out everything you need to dominate the Killhouse.

Overall description:

Killhouse Snapshot Beauty Shot
Killhouse is a small map

This map is a version of the tutorial location named “F.N.G” in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Located in the UK, the warehouse was converted into a training course for soldiers of the nearby SAS military camp.

To get the soldiers to familiarize themselves with the urban warfare setting, the symmetrical course is filled with wooden walls, shipping containers, bricks, ruined cars, and sandbags.

Lying at the center of the site is a watchtower made of wood, where a superior officer would watch the trainees run the gauntlet.

Basic Strategy and Tips:

As the whole thing is contained in a single warehouse, it is rather clear that Killhouse is a tiny map. From your spawn point, you can even see across the map to the other spawn point in which others are dropping. There are also small staircases next to each spawn point, which serve as a sniping platform. From these locations, you definitely can land a few shots or maybe a kill across the area.

Killhouse Snapshot Minimap
The layout of the map is rather symmetrical

The size of the Killhouse often makes this map the first choice for every player who is in need of a fast match, with frantic actions and explosive firefights. There usually isn’t much downtime between fights, sometimes you can’t even reload before other enemies approach your location.

As your primary weapon runs out of ammo in the middle of a fight, it is better to just draw your pistol and continue firing instead of trying to reload. In this case, the lower DPS output of a pistol would not be as much of a detriment, as the enemy should be low after engaging your first weapon.

Using the scorestreaks wisely is the key

The encounters in the warehouse are usually in a very short distance, sometimes even a knife could make a difference. If your opponent is moving around too fast and you are not confident about your aim, it might be better to just pull out the knife and stab away.

Make use of the Tower:

In the middle of the map lies a tall wooden watchtower. The only way to access the top part of this tower is to climb the ladder next to it. If you are able to reach the top, your reward would be a 360-degree view of the area, which can easily be used to gather kills. There is some risk that you need to prepare for when doing this strategy, however, as many people would be able to spot and focus fire on your location.

Killhouse Snapshot Scorestreaks
AOE weapons are very effective as this map is super cramped

Bullets are usually not a problem, as you can just duck behind covers. Grenades, however, is another matter entirely. The best way to counter those is by using the Trophy System. This device would intercept and deflect grenades out of the sky upon placement and it is very useful when defending the watchtower.

Guide for Scorestreaks:

As the Killhouse is only partially exposed to the outside, there are a few things that you would need to consider while using Scorestreak weapons inside this location. Air-based weapons would need more careful consideration to be effective.

The AI of Stealth Chopper and Hunter Killer Drone are able to ignore those barriers on the roof and firing through them, however, the Missile and VTOL are not able to do that. Pilot those weapons carefully, as you might waste them by hitting nearby terrains.

Killhouse Snapshot End
There are no safe spots in here

Getting an airdrop inside the Killhouse is considerably harder than other maps, as the only viable place to use it is the foot of the tower in the middle. Due to the frequent foot traffic, running out into the open to gather the items from the crate is usually a death sentence. It is best that you use the care package as a trap to lure your opponents out.

About the ground-based Scorestreak weapons, you can pretty much use them normally. It is best to place the Sentry gun on the top of the Watchtower, as it can automatically lock on to enemies all around the complex.

Top 8 tricks for the map:

8 – Killhouse is the map with the fastest combat in Call of Duty Mobile. If you are looking for a quick match, drop here.

7 – It’s often better to switch to your secondary weapon instead of trying to reload the primary gun. A few short seconds could be the difference between a kill and a death.

6 – Be ready to pull out your knife at a moment’s notice, as there are locations in which you would often have to engage in extremely close combat.

5 – Getting to the top of the watchtower is risky but rewarding. When you are on the top of the map, it is trivial to spot your enemies and take them out.

Cod4 Killhouse
The original training area

4 – Make use of the Trophy system if you are going to camp on the top of the tower, as it is very likely that the enemy would try to lob some grenade into your lair.

3 – The Sentry Gun could be very useful when placed on the top of the tower, as it's auto-lock ability would be extremely valuable when enemies are exposed on lower ground.

2 – The warehouse is only partially exposed to aerial assault – you would have to be very careful when using some weapons.

1 – Airdrops are not as effective in the Killhouse, as you can only drop the package on a few locations on the map. Sometimes it might be better to use those as a bait.

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