As you jump into the battle royale mode of Call of Duty: Mobile, you will immediately notice an unusual red dot on the map. That is the place of Cerberus, the giant zombie boss of the map. As you go near that point, the Cerberus will wake up and start chasing and killing you. It has an absurdly high amount of health. It has the ability to charge fast forward to your position and bite you and the ability to create a large explosion. Although the boss is dangerous, the high-tier loot you can get after you kill it is worthwhile.

New Call Of Duty Mobile New Battle Royale Vehicle
The small red dot on the map is where Cerberus is

How to defeat Cerberus

Killing Zombie Boss Cerburus With Scythe In Cod Mo
Using the Antelope A20 Assault to kill the boss is the best way

The easiest way to kill it is by using Antelope A20 Assault, a vehicle that was recently added to Battle Royale mode. This vehicle has a built-in infinite ammo machine gun called Scythe on top of it which can deal tons of damage. While it is not very effective against other players due to its inaccuracy, it is the perfect weapon to deal with this boss. Just hop in the vehicle and shoot it. When the boss is about to attack you, jump out of the vehicle and run away. Repeat the process until it dies. It should take you a couple of times.

New Call Of Duty Mobile New Battle Royale Vehicle
One person will kite the boss while others kill it

If you have your teammates with you, then one person in your team needs to lure the boss while other players focus on killing it.

However, the real danger when facing this boss is other players. As the position of it is marked on the map, lots of people want to go there to kill the boss or to sneak on other teams for kills. Try to make sure that there are no other teams nearby as it is going to be a long fight.