Call of Duty: Mobile Gun Game has just arrived, bringing players a new challenge to master all weapons in the game. In this guide, we will explain how this mode works and show you some tips to win in this latest game mode.

About Gun Game mode

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Gun Game is available until November 15

Gun Game mode is a new limited-time mode that just came to Call of Duty: Mobile. It's basically Free For All mode but your weapon will change after you get a kill.

You will start with SMGs, ARs, LMGs which are powerful weapons and will get you a kill easily. But things will get harder the more kills you have. Especially, the last kill will require you to use a knife.

Tips to win Call of Duty: Mobile Gun Game

Always check the radar: Normally, your UAV only stays active for a short period of time, but in this mode, it is always on. You will never have to guess where the enemies are as they will be shown as red dots on the radar.

Gun Game Added In Call Of Duty Mobile New Mode In
All those red dots on your radar are the enemies

Make sure your back is covered: As enemies will respawn everywhere around you, it is a good idea to not give them a free kill from your back.

Camp respawn points: Respawn points will be in the same place every time, so you will have an upper hand against people who just respawned.

Practice weapons you are not familiar with: 20 kills with 20 different weapons. It's understandable that some weapons are strange to you. That's why you need to practice them beforehand with bots.

Call Of Duty Mobile Knife Montage Gun Game Final K
Sneak up on a sniper is your best chance to get a kill with a knife

Understand the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon: Not all weapons are the same. Shotguns and SMGs are the best when it comes to close-quarter combat while Sniper Rifles are better at long range. As for ARs and LMGs, they can be useful at any range. Finally, to get a kill with your knife, sneaking up behind people is the best chance for you.