Halloween Event is coming with a stunning update

As a game directly competing with PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile is trying to create the best experience for players. With top-notch graphics and PC-style gameplay, this game truly makes gamers feel fascinated, especially when they announce its upcoming updates for Halloween Event. This update has brought users a series of new features and gives players a smoother experience.

Haloween Event in Call of Duty Mobile
The loading page of the Halloween Event in Call of Duty: Mobile will be changed to fit the holiday

Although not having the controller support as expected, the update introduces lots of new skills and customizable items, and new scorestreaks as well.

CoD: Mobile Haloween Event
Call of Duty: Mobile Halloween Event will bring players more content, missions, and events

We haven't known the official release date for this update yet. We only know one thing that Activision is now testing PS4 / Xbox One controller for the game.

Halloween Update in Call of Duty: Mobile

After you complete the update, you will see a lot of changes. There will be new Sparrow operator skill, Airborne chip, Molotov Cocktail scorestreak that will blow your mind.

Besides, you will get to see a dreadful image of the Standoff map as they renew it. Some limited-time events will also appear on this occasion:

  • Free epic weapon XP card for updating;
  • Free weapon for logging in;
  • ID collection event in the Halloween style.

You will also feel the Halloween as the log-in, and the loading screen will change into a horror style.

Call of Duty: Mobile in Haloween look
Halloween look of Call of Duty: Mobile

Currently, the game developers are trying to create the best experience for players. They recently added two extra game modes: Gun Game and Free-for-all which is basically a one-person Deathmatch mode.

With that information, players are looking forward to the update. Hopefully, they will announce the release date soon.