Call of Duty: Mobile was introduced by Activision more than a week ago as the direct competitor of PUBG Mobile. That's why they are trying to add as much content to the game as possible to attract players.

Recently, the game just got a brand new time-limited mode called Gun Game. According to the information in the game, this mode will only exist for 30 days, which means it will end on November 15.

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Call of Duty: Mobile just introduce a new time-limited mode called Gun Game

In this mode, there will be 10 players each match fighting against each other. In order to win, one must kill other players to get points. For each kill, you will receive 10 points. Who can achieve 200 points or 20 kills first is the winner.

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The last kill will require you to use a knife

However, this mode has a unique rule to prevent players from playing their favorite weapon. Each time you kill a player, your weapon will be switched automatically. That means you will need to achieve 20 kills by different weapons, including shotguns, sniper rifles, and even rocket launchers. The last kill will be the hardest one to achieve as you will need to kill a player using your knife. If you die, you will be revived quickly after a few seconds in a random location.

Each match has a 10 minutes duration, but generally, matches usually finish before the timer ends.

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You will use your loadouts in Free-for-all mode

With this new game mode, Call of Duty: Mobile now has a total of two solo, limited-time modes. The other mode is the Free-for-all mode. The Free-for-all mode is basically a solo battle royale mode, but with your multiplayer loadouts and not picking loot. Anyone who scores 20 kills first will win the match. You are on your own. Also by playing Free-for-all mode, you will also get some in-game bonuses. You and check out further information in this article.