Call Of Duty: Mobile has finally arrived to complete with PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile has been on the top of the battle royale genre on mobile this whole time due to the dynamic and fun gameplay. Call of Duty might come later, but it can offer most features that PUBG Mobile has plus some very interesting things such as helicopters, monsters, classes,... If you are thinking about moving to Call of Duty: Mobile, here are 5 things you should try.

Fly helicopters

The helicopter is the best vehicle in Call of Duty: Mobile

You can play the battle royale mode in Call of Duty: Mobile when you reach level 7. Apart from standard activities such as looting for gears and weapons to be the last man standing, the game also features helicopters as a vehicle option. You can pick up a helicopter on random spots on the map. However, the control scheme of it might be a little bit different than a normal car and you will need some time before you can get used to it. You can check out our guide on how to control the helicopter here.

PUBG Mobile doesn't have helicopters at the moment, but they will soon add it to the game in the 0.15.0 update on 16 October.

Fight zombies, monster and revive dead teammates

Cerberus Mob Of The Dead Boii 1
You will get to fight a giant Cerberus

Zombies will spawn randomly on the map. Apart from zombies, you will also find a giant Cerberus at some specific locations on the map.

The game also features a way to revive your dead teammates. When your teammate dies, you need to scan the dog tags of your dead teammate which will take a few seconds. After that, your teammate will be back soon in a revival plane and jump back to the battle.

PUBG Mobile is also going to introduce a revive teammate system soon in the future soon.

Try out different classes

Call Of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Classes
There are different classes, each with their own unique skill

Unlike PUBG Mobile, which all players are the same, except for their appearance, Call of Duty: Mobile features a class system with a total of 6 classes, Defender, Mechanic, Scout, Medic, Ninja, and Clown. Each class has its own unique ability and perk to use in battle, which creates dynamic strategy and gameplay. For example, the Defender has the ability to create a Transform Shield that acts as a cover. The defender also has Reinforced perk which reduces all incoming damage, except bullets.

Switching between FPP and TPP

Getting Started Br Tout
Freely switching between FPP and TPP in TPP matches

Unlike PUBG Mobile, you won't have a crosshair in third-person perspective mode. In order to shoot, you will have to aim down sight. You can also switch between first-person perspective and third-person perspective freely in TPP matches.

Rappel up or down with rope

Call of Duty: Mobile features the ability to rappel up and down using a rope, something that PUBG Mobile will not likely to have ever, but actually quite familiar in FPS games such as Counter-Strike. You will find ropes very often across beacon towers, which is a good option for fast-moving across mountainous regions.

Play solo or in a team of 2, 3 or 4 people

Call Of Duty Mobile Image 4pa7 4pa7
You can have a party of 3 with no random stranger

PUBG Mobile doesn't allow players to start a match with only 3 people. So if you only have two friends in your party, it is going to be very awkward since you guys will have 1 random mate in your team. In Call of Duty: Mobile, you can just turn off Squad Fill and find a match with people in your party only.