There is one thing in Call of Duty: Mobile battle royale mode that is definitely better than PUBG Mobile, the Helicopter. Apart from traveling on the ground, you can fly across the map without worrying about crashing into anything. While it is extremely convenient, it also has some drawbacks. The total health of the Helicopter is pretty low compared to other vehicles. Getting git a couple of times by a Squad can get it to a critical amount of health that you should be worried about.

The Helicopter is the best vehicle in Call of Duty: Mobile

That being said, shooting at something in the sky is not easy at all. The Helicopter has a great mobility and speed, making it hard for anyone to predict its flying pattern. Furthermore, people on the Helicopter can also shoot back while it is flying.

How to control the Helicopter properly

There are 2 controls, one to go up and down, one to navigate directions

It is pretty hard to learn how to control this thing if you are not used to it. But like every other skill in the game, you will be able to master it if you learn and train enough.

The Helicopter has 2 controls, one on the left side and one on the right side. The control on the left side is the direction control which you use to navigate where your helicopter will head to. The control on the right side is to lift up and down your helicopter. Now, this is the important part. Once your helicopter is in the air, it won't stay floating in the air forever. You will have to hold the up button from time to time to keep your latitude.

Call Of Duty Mobile
You can shoot while flying

When you reach your destination, choose an area with few obstacles to land the helicopter. Use the down button to land on the ground carefully or it might crash and explode.