The latest phenomenon in the world of mobile games Call of Duty: Mobile is going to introduce a free-for-all mode this October 11. The game mode will be implemented for only a limited time until October 17. Why don’t you give it a try while it is still available?

The new game mode in CoD: mobile is fun to play

A feeding frenzy

Call Of Duty Free4all 01
In the new mode, you will play versus the whole world

In the free-for-all mode, it’s like a man versus the world. Basically, you have no friends but all foes around. Try to scoop as many kills as possible as there are more contenders hiding in every corner of the map just waiting to take your life. Once the time expires, whoever ends up with the most kill will be announced the winner. Alternately, you can score 20 kills before the timer expires to get the 1st place.

Call Of Duty Free4all 03
The more you kill, the better

Just like its name suggests, there is no team play in this mode - just you alone to fend for yourself. Basically, it sounds a bit like the Death Match mode where you constantly respawn with a new weapon in a new location of the map after death. Within a limited time, the more you kill, the higher ranking you will get. Free-for-all will be available on all current maps in Call of Duty: Mobile.

This is indeed new in a team-based game like Call of Duty: Mobile. You will be able to showcase your killing prowess without your teammates around. With the free-for-all mode, the total number of modes in Call of Duty: Mobile is now 6 – including Domination, Frontline, Search and Destroy, Team Deathmatch, and practice.

Call Of Duty Free4all 04
The free-for-all mode brings a new feeling to a team-based FPS game like Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile has become incredibly successful after its release earlier this October. The game developer - Activision - is still working more on improving the quality of the mobile game title.

Though the mode is available within a limited time, free-for-all will probably become a part of the game in the not too distant future.