The nukes have always been a part of every Call of Duty game since Modern Warfare 2, so it is not a surprise that Call of Duty: Mobile would get its own version of a nuclear warhead. With a nuke drop, you can wipe out every enemy on the map, no matter where they are. This ability is pretty much overpowered, therefore it is quite hard to get your hand on one of that in Call of Duty: Mobile. This article below will list out all the requirements you need to call a nuke.

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The briefcase used to call a nuke

There are two requirements to unlock the nuke in Call of Duty: Mobile and the first is way easier than the second. Once you reach rank 20, the ability to call in a nuke is automatically unlocked. You don’t need to equip it, as the ability is part of the killstreak system. The Nuke would be made available as soon as you complete the second requirement in-game: killstreak.

Below is a video showcase of the activation of a nuke. When one is called down, everything nearby would be lit up with a bright light effect.

When you hit 20 killstreaks, a nuke would become available. While Call of Duty Mobile is easier than a normal Call of Duty game, getting 20 kills in a row without dying is not something that can be done in every game.

There are achievements for calling down the nukes

When your character activates the nuke, he will open a computer and call down an attack on the current location. Unlike in the previous Call of Duty games, this ability would not end the game – it would just wipe out everyone on the enemy team. After that, the match would carry on as usual. You would gain a lot of experience for ending killstreaks by using the nuke.

The warhead is called down to your position - you would be killed along with your enemies

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