Shortly after the release of Gun Game mode, Call of Duty: Mobile brings players a new limited-time mode called Sniper Only to replace the Free To Play mode that was just closed recently. It is clearly implied in the name that players will be only using sniper rifles in this mode.

New Sniper Only Mode In Call Of Duty Mobile Call
This Sniper Only mode is the replacement for Free To Play mode

Ten players will be divided into 2 teams of five fighting each other until one team gets 40 kills or until the time limit of 10 minutes is over. This mode will be playable using all 5 maps of Call of Duty: Mobile.

Arctic .50 is a powerful sniper rifle in Call of Duty: Mobile

When you enter the game mode, you will have to pick between 2 sniper rifles: the DL Q33 and Arctic .50. Don't worry if you haven't owned them yet, because you can still play the game using either of the guns normally. Also, both of the guns are fully attached.

DL Q33 will be an option in this new Sniper Only mode

Both DL Q33 and Arctic .50 are really powerful sniper rifles. One hit in the head, chest or neck is enough to bring your opponent down. The Arctic .50 has little bit less damage than the DL Q33, but in exchange, it has a faster fire rate and mobility. Nonetheless, it doesn't actually that matter as this is a sniper fight. The best strategy is always to fire a quick shot and go back to the cover immediately. Another way to find an odd angel that the enemies are not aware of and kill them. However, in order to do this, you will need to know the map like the back of your hand.

This mode is a limited-time mode so let jump in Call of Duty: Mobile and play right now before it disappears.