Call of Duty: Mobile has taken the world by storm this month with its arguably biggest first-week launch. The game is now incredibly popular in India, arguably rivals PUBG Mobile. Though the game has been around in less than one month, Call of Duty: Mobile has already got its first official tournament by the SEA game publisher Garena.

Cod Mobile Tournament 01
Though released in less than one month, Call of Duty: Mobile has already attracted good attention from the community and got its first esports tournament

A CoD Mobile tournament in Thailand

Cod Mobile Tournament 02
Call of Duty: Mobile - Mission One will be the first-ever CoD Mobile tournament - which will be hosted in Thailand

More specifically, the tournament is open exclusively for Thailand Call of Duty: Mobile players. However, the CoD Mobile version the tournament uses will be published by Garena. As we all know, Call of Duty: Mobile is published worldwide by Activision. However, the publisher of the game in the SEA region - including Thailand -  is Garena.

Garena will also take charge of hosting the tournament – Call of Duty: Mobile - Mission One with the total prize pool of 200,000 Baht (₹4.7 LAKH). The winner will take half of the prize pool – 100,000 Baht (₹2.35 LAKH) while the runner-up will take a quarter – 50,000 Baht (₹1.17 LAKH). The two 3rd place teams will collect the rest.

Cod Mobile Tournament 03
With good money on the line, Call of Duty: Mobile - Mission One will assemble enthusiastic fans around the nation

The game mode used in the tournament will be 5v5 Team Deathmatch. Each match will pan out in 10 minutes or until one team reaches 100 kills. Tiebreaks will last only 5 minutes with the cap kill of 60. Call of Duty: Mobile - Mission One has now accepted registration across Thailand until this October 29, 2019.

The tournament will go through 2 phases: online qualifiers and an offline event. More announcement about the tournament will come later on October 31, 2019. You can find out more details about the tournament on the official page of Call of Duty: Mobile Thailand