Vehicles are an important part of any battle royale game. As games in this genre typically have huge maps, players usually have to travel a lot and using vehicles is a great way to travel fast and safely. Here is the list of all vehicles in Call of Duty: Mobile.

1. ATV

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The ATV is not that good, but it is better than nothing

The ATV is a two-seat vehicle in Call of Duty: Mobile. It doesn't provide any protection at all as it is fully opened from every side. With only two seats, your squad is going to need at least two of them to travel together.

Nonetheless, it still allows you to move really fast which makes it harder for other players to aim at you. Plus, having a vehicle is better than having no vehicle at all.

2. SUV

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The SUV is a decent option

The SUV has 4 seats which can fit all members of your team in it. It also provides full protection from the upper side and decent protection from other sides.

It is one of the most useful vehicles in Call of Duty: Mobile, especially in team matches.

3. Helicopter

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The helicopter has amazing mobility

The helicopter is the best vehicle in Call of Duty: Mobile as it has one major benefit over others. It can fly. While the vehicle has a fairly low pool of health, it has amazing mobility. You can easily reposition your teams to any place such as at the top a mountain and gain advantages over other teams. Note that the helicopter can only carry a maximum of 3 people at a time.

4. Boat

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The boat is just a situational vehicle at best

The Boat is more like a situational vehicle as there aren't many water areas on the map. But if you are in a hurry or the circle is ending up in an odd position, it can totally be a viable option.

5. Antelope A20 Assault

New Vehicle In Call Of Duty Mobile Battle Royale C

The Antelope A20 Assault is the newest vehicle and the best land vehicle in Call of Duty: Mobile. It has a total of 3 seats, two seats in the front and one seat in the back. But that is not all, this vehicle comes with a built-in machine gun on top of it called the Scythe, which has infinite ammo. The player in the back seat will be the one control this weapon. Plus, it also provides protection from all directions.