Free Fire continues to be one of the most popular Battle Royale games on Android and iOS devices. Since it's so popular, many people would end up wanting to try the game, and if you haven't, you should definitely try it now! The game has fun gameplay and graphics compatible with almost any smart device. Although, you might be worried about the challenges of playing a new game.

Or you could even be a Free Fire player who is not used to the game's challenges despite having played a fair amount of it! Some would say that it's because you're a noob, but no one is really a noob, just a person who hasn't found the right strategy and tactics for themselves yet!

Fortunately, since Free Fire has a very large player base, there are newcomers to the game all the time. So it wouldn't be long until you can get your booyah too. But before you can begin to be the last one standing, make sure you tick all the boxes on our guide for Free Fire settings.

The more tips and tricks you absorb, the easier it will be to get your first Booyah. Then other things like weapons, characters, pets, etc. are all important parts of getting the win in Free Fire. But the thing is, in Free Fire, there are so many cool weapons. But what you need to do is choose the best weapons for victory.

So on this occasion, we will provide the best Free Fire weapon recommendations for new players and players who still feel like noobs:

Free Fire 8 Weapons Useful For Beginners


This first weapon is the best recommendation from the beginning until now because SCAR is indeed very deadly when used properly. The ability of this weapon is indeed very formidable, and it's even referred to as the Second Groza.

XM8 Vs SCAR: Which Gun Is Better In Free Fire? How To Get Abyssal XM8?
SCAR is a good and solid choice for beginners, but not the best


If you want to become a Rusher, try this one shotgun. The power of this weapon is very significant, as the damage it causes is equivalent to AWM, but only at close range. And to become a Rusher, you have to be ready and try to watch the pro players first. So that you don't make mistakes later when you're trying to rush.

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M1014 is also pretty good for noobs who want to play like a Rusher, but that requires not being a noob first!


In the past, this weapon was so poor, and not used by many people, not even beginners. But now, MP5 is getting a new buff which makes it pretty decent. So if you want to find a good SMG weapon, MP5 is a good choice. Because of the current power of the MP5, you should not underestimate it.

Sedih Banget, Tiga Senjata di Free Fire Ini Nyaris Terlupakan
The MP5 is now no longer a throwaway weapon since the latest buffs that made it much more attractive


If for example you get an Airdrop and find a Groza, just take it and use it. Because the Groza is simply a very excellent weapon and looks cool. The firepower and rate of fire of the Groza, ảe almost close to perfect. Anyone can use this weapon, be they a veteran player or a beginner. So if you are a beginner or a noob, you won't have to worry when using this weapon.

Which is the best gun in Garena Free Fire? - Quora
Groza is one of the best assault rifles you could find, which means from pro to beginner, anyone can use it


The next weapon that is suitable for use by beginners is VSS, for this weapon belongs to the SMG category but functions like a Sniper. Of course, with the combined power of this weapon, it is good enough for you to use when you are in the late match.

Garena Free Fire: Tổng hợp những vũ khí mạnh nhất trong game
The VSS with its rate of fire is more suitable for beginners who haven't gotten used to aiming well with a scope

For beginners, it is reportedly easier to learn with this weapon, especially if you want to kill enemies from a distance. Because of the damage of this weapon, it is quite a deadly choice.


The next weapon that is good for beginners to use is M4A1, as it is quite deadly. But if you already have it, try to complete it with several attachments first. So that it will become better, and able to kill quickly.

free fire weapons guide beginners
The M4A1 is a decent weapon for beginners, but not one of the best out there

But you must remain vigilant, because there are many effective counter weapons to the M4A1 are scattered everywhere. Try to always be vigilant, so you can win using this weapon.


Next, you beginners can also try out the SPAS 12. The power of this weapon is quite good and very deadly. In the late match, the SPAS 12 is far more deadly if you use it properly. Suppose you have this weapon, try to get as close to the enemy as you can without being risky. Because the damage from Shotgun weapons like the SPAS 12 will only be greater at a short distance.

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The SPAS 12 is very powerful with a good rate of fire for shotguns, and anyone benefits from it, not just noobs


The last weapon beginners and noobs should play with is XM8, since it also has all-around great attributes and high damage. Anyone can just pick up the weapon and use it throughout the match. And later on, you will start to win more battles once you have figured out how to use it.

XM8 và SCAR: Khẩu súng nào bắn thích hơn trong Free Fire?
The XM8 is great for any type of situation because of how good it is in most attributes

All weapons can indeed be used by beginners and noobs, but they should prioritize these weapons and put them to good use. In fact, there are already many successful beginners and noobs who get better using these weapons when competing.

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