Characters with their unique skillsets have become an integral part of the Garena Free Fire experience. Back in December 2020, Free Fire suddenly announced the groundbreaking collaboration with the Portuguese football legend Cristiano Ronaldo.

Resposta Ff Cr7
CR7 As Chrono

As a result, he was transformed into Chrono and joined Garena's Battle Royale sensation. Since then, Chrono has been one of the most popular characters in the game, thanks to his powerful ability. In fact, Free Fire fans even say he is too overpowered! So, what happened there?

About Chrono in Garena Free Fire

As his in-game description reads, Chrono is a bounty hunter from another universe. He comes to Free Fire with a special ability called "Time Turner". It's an active skill that creates a dome force field to block incoming damage while increases the movement speed of Chrono and his allies standing inside.

Chrono Character In Free Fire

Why Is Chrono Overpowered?

#1 Ability

As we have explained before, Chrono has one of the most versatile and useful kits in the entire game. No other characters in Free Fire have the ability to both protect his teammates and provide situational buff as he does. Time Turner's effect also increases as Chrono levels up,  giving more movement speed boost and decreasing cooldown time.

#2 Flexibility

Chrono is insanely flexible thanks to his ability. Players can effortlessly take advantage of the shield to dodge away from the line of fire. Or, they can use it as a barrier to push and rush enemies in enclosed compounds to take control of the area.

Operation Chrono
Chrono Is Taking Over Free Fire

When you don't have a Gloo Wall on you, just pop the Time-Turner ability and you're good to go. Not to mention the massive movement speed also helps players to rotate faster and position themselves for the advantage.

#3 No Hard Counter

There are other powerful characters in the game such as Alok, K, and Jota. They are all excellent, but none comes close to Chrono. His versatile ability makes him unparallel in Garena Free Fire. Countering a Chrono pick is super challenging.

Chrono Reposition
Reposition With Chrono Is A Piece Of Cake

No characters in the game can instantly take down a shield that has 600 HP. And once you manage to take it down, Chrono and his teammates have already re-position themselves for a fight.