Free Fire saw a huge surge in the number of players as well as content creators in recent years. Many Free Fire YouTubers gained massive success with millions of subscribers. However, we rarely see a female YouTuber who can make it big. and Miss Diya Free Fire is an exception. She is among the few female Free Fire YouTubers who reached 1 million subscribers on her channel.

In this article, we will show you who is Miss Diya in Free Fire, her ID, real name, photos, and more.

Miss Diva Photos
Her real name is Diya Hazarika.

1. Miss Diya bio and contact

Miss Diya Free Fire real name is Diya Hazarika. She is also known as BlackPink Gaming among the Indian Free Fire community.

Miss Diya Free Fire age is 19 years old. She mostly streams Free Fire YouTube and occasionally posts giveaways, challenge videos. Most of her stream on the BlackPink Gaming channel has really high view counts of around 30 thousand.

Garena Free Fire Blackpink Gaming
BlackPink Gaming is one of the most popular Free Fire YouTubers.

In case you want to contact Miss Diya, BlackPink Gaming's business email is: Besides, Miss Diya Free Fire Instagram is blackpinkdiya. She is currently having 42 thousand followers on her Instagram account. You can find lots of Miss Diya Free Fire photos on her account.

Miss Diva Photos
BlackPink Gaming mostly lives stream Free Fire on her YouTube channel.

2. Miss Diya Free Fire ID and stats

Miss Diya Free Fire ID is 558477413. Her in-game name is Miss Diya. Her profile has a total of 32967 likes with a Westler and Sharpshooter Battle Style. This means she is more of a sniper player who often plays long-range fights to take down the enemies slowly. She is currently not in any Guild. Her profile description says:

I Love Being Myself <3

In Ranked Battle Royale Season 24, she reached Heroic rank. She also got to heroic rank in previous ranked seasons. These are amazing achievements and it proves that she is also quite a skillful player. Let's take a look below to see more details about Miss Diya stats in Free Fire.

Miss Diva Free Fire Id
Miss Diya Free Fire ID and profile

Lifetime Battle Royale stats

Miss Diva played a total of 11836 matches in Squad Battle Royale mode and won 2695 of them. This translates to a win rate of 22.76%.  She got a total of 30510 to her name, which is a K/D ratio of 3.34.

In Duo mode, she has a total of 11563 matches with 2004 victories, which is a win rate of 17.33%. She managed to maintain her high K/D ratio of 3.06 and a total of 29292 kills.

In Solo mode, she played a total of 6174 matches and won 645 of them. Her win rate in the Solo mode is 10.44%. She took down a total of 13281 players, which translates to a K/D ratio of 2.40.

Battle Royale Stats
Miss Diya Free Fire lifetime stats in the Battle Royale mode

Miss Diya is one of the few Free Fire players who play Duo mode as much as Squad mode. She also plays in Solo mode much more often than other players. Her performance in both Duo mode and Squad mode is quite consistent with a decent kill ratio and win rate.

Her win rate and K/D ratio in Duo are actually better than that of many big Free Fire content creators in India. This is because her number of Duo is just as high as her Squad game.

Lifetime Clash Squad mode

Miss Diya plays Clash Squad mode significantly less than other players. She only played a total of 526 Clash Squad matches but her win rate in this mode is quite high at 59.89% and 315 victories.

She accumulated a total of 2937 kills in Clash Squad with a 1.73 K/D ratio. Her headshot rate is quite admirable at 45.18%. Unlike in the Battle Royale mode, she has quite an aggressive gameplay in Clash Quad.

Miss Diva Free Fire Clash Squad
Miss Diya Free Fire lifetime stats in the Clash Squad mode

3. Miss Diya monthly earning from Youtube

Miss Diya YouTube channel is named BlackPink Gaming. She started it on August 3, 2019, and is currently having 1.21 million subscribers and more than 80 million views. Most of her content is about live streaming Free Fire and her daily life.

According to Social Blade, she gained a total of 781 thousand views in the last 30 days, which earned her around 18,700 Rs monthly. However, as she mostly streams on YouTube, most of her income will be coming from donations from the viewers, which is much more than the amount she earns from ads on YouTube.

Her most viewed video has 7.5 million views, titled "Ajju Bhai VS Miss Diya | 1 VS 1 | Funny Clash Squad VS Ever | Garena Free Fire". In the video, she defeated the most popular Indian gaming YouTuber in a 1 vs 1 Clash Squad match, which caused the video to go viral.

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