Camping is a popular playstyle in Free Fire Battle Royale mode, especially for beginners and defensive players. Facing campers is a daily routine in the battle royale mode of this game. So, you need smart tips and tricks to outsmart Free Fire campers and eliminate them.

#1. Flank Campers By Gunsound

Many campers are still greedy for kills, so they will be attracted by gun sound. You can draw their fire to flank and kill them. When campers leave their safe corner and expose themselves to shoot you, you will have a better shooting angle to kill them with accurate bullets and even headshots.

To draw the enemy's fire, you have to move in the open ground. You can attract them by making footsteps or gun sounds. Then, your teammates can get them easier. In this case, you may get some damage, so you should use some characters with healing, shield, or running skills, such as DJ Alok and Kelly.

Flank Campers
Flank campers and make them leave their safe zone.

#2. Throw A Frag Grenade After A Stun Grenade

Utilities in Free Fire are also useful in countering campers. You can use a flashbang first to stun campers for a while. Then, throw a frag grenade right after the stun grenade. When the flashbang makes the camper blind and deaf, they cannot react to the frag grenades.

If you do it well, these throwables will blow the camper away. Besides, you won't take any damage from the enemy. It's one of the best tips to outsmart Free Fire campers.

Use A Combo Of Flashbang And Frag Grenades
Use a combo of flashbang and frag grenades to blow the camper away.

#3. Use Counter-Camping Tip

Another tip to outsmart campers in Free Fire is the counter-camping tip. It's a useful tip to counter campers in the last circles. You should make the plan to have the best result.

Campers often rotate in their region of ambush. You can camp inside that region and wait for them to approach you. But make sure that campers do not know your location. When they are in your shooting range, shoot them down quickly.

Fake Your Move
Fake your move and surprise the camper.

#4. Fake A Rotation & Turn Back

You can outsmart the camper by faking a rotation and turning back to the area to surprise enemies. You can do it safely by using surfboards or vehicles. Approach them and fake a rush to draw their fire, and turn back quickly.

If your area is in the playing zone, you should keep a safe corner to fall back and counter camp enemies. When campers start to rotate around their area, you can use a strong vehicle to crash into them or set them into a vulnerable position to shoot.

Feint A Rotation To Draw The Camper Out
Feint a rotation to draw the camper out.

#5. Distract Campers By Throwables

Apart from flashbangs and frag grenades, smoke grenades are very useful in outsmarting campers. You can throw some smoke grenades to blind their view and distract them.

You can also flank them by using smoke grenades. But it can be pretty risky when campers use frag grenades and assault rifles to counter you. Experienced campers can also avoid being flanked in this situation. So, you may fail to outsmart Free Fire players, but try to survive.

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