Free Fire always maintain its appeal by releasing new cosmetic options and this surely does not go in vain. With the great extent that players can go to obtain the exclusive items, the devs also make the most out of this chance.

Among these items, emotes may be in the top desirable ones. Over the functioning years, many new emotes have been added to the game and most of them can be attained via the in-game store. Although not all emotes have the same price, the majority of them have the cost of 399 diamonds.

What is the best one that the player can use? Check out top 5 best Free Fire emotes costing 399 diamonds.

1. One-Finger Pushup

  • Description: Do not copy me
One Finger Pushup
One-Finger Pushup is a special emote with a special posture.

The One-Finger Pushup is probably the most favorite emote that players can get from the game store. This emote can also be collected for free in some events, namely the Restore the Colors event in the earlier Diwali celebrations this year.

When you use this emote, your character will carry out a pushup using only one finger.

2. Moon Flip

  • Description: Watch my moon kick!
Moon Flio Emote
Once you use this item, the characters can perform an enthralling moon flip.

The next pick in the list of best Free Fire emotes costing 399 diamonds is Moon Flip. It stands as an attractive option thanks to the outstanding action it can perform.

A lot of users may spot this if they have watched Youtube videos of a famous content creator called RUOK FF.

3. Threaten

  • Description: Do you dare to challenge me?
If you find the thrill in challenging your opponents, this may be the best emote you can use.

The Threaten emote is also an interesting item that you can get for 399 diamonds. It especially is a good emote to employ if you like provoking your enemies.

Upon activation, your character will be making a slashing motion around the throat. You can always keep an eye open for Free Fire Emote Party event if you want to get it for free.

4. Sii!

  • Description: And the crowd goes wild!
Sii is definitely a must-have for those who are fans of soccer in general and of Manchester United in particular.

The developers added this emote to the Indian server in January 2021 after they had a collaboration with famous Portuguese professional footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo.

With this emote, you can perform his classic movement.

5. LOL

  • Description: You tryna’ steal my loot while making me laugh.

The last pick among the best Free Fire emotes costing 399 diamonds is LOL. Same as Threaten, LOL emote is primarily used by players that want to evoke or mock their enemies. The applied characters can be seen laughing with their hand on their stomach.

What emote do you think is the best that we can get for 399 diamonds? If you think any other emote is a better choice, feel free to share with us in the comment section!

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