In battle royales like Free Fire, the main objective is to survive until the end. Because of that, avoiding conflict is actually one of the most effective ways to get a booyah. However, this results in much fewer kills, which makes your stats look bad and dulls your combat skill in the long run. In this article, we are going to show you how to get more kills while playing passively in Free Fire.

1. Use sniper rifles or DMRs

The best weapons to get kills for passive players are long range guns like sniper rifles, DMRs or even assault rifles like the M14. With the scope from these weapons, players would be able to scout their general vicinity to avoid fights and join them when needed. Having said that, make sure you know how to utilize sniper rifles or any weapon above to maximize their effectiveness.

Double Sniper Free Fire
Sniper rifles are the easiest way to get more kills while playing passively.

For early acquisition of sniper rifles, players need to remember their best spawn locations on maps: Mars Electric and Peak on Bermuda, Moathouse and Central on Purgatory, alongside command post on Kalahari.

2. Retreat when needed

It is important that you know when to retreat while playing passively in Free Fire. For example, if you try to kill someone but miss your shots and get detected, it might be a good idea to just stop shooting and move to another spot.

Enemies are likely to come over to check, which can result in your death. Lying ambush and waiting for them to come over is also pretty viable as well.

3. Set up camp on hot zones or choke points

Players are always on the move in Free Fire, which is pretty risky as enemies might detect them at any time. Passive players usually only rotate when absolutely necessary. To get kills while playing passively, it is important to set up camps where people often cross.

Choke points
Choke points like bridges are easy camping spots for passive players in Free Fire

Overall, this comes down to the player's personal experience and judgment. It is important to predict the location of the next safe zone, move toward it, and set up camp waiting for people to come in. Choke points like bridges are the best spot for easy kills.

4. Attack a vulnerable enemy (or third-partying)

Teaming on another team or enemy is the best way to kill stealing or gain kills without much effort. Keep your eyes and ears open for the sound of combat, and try to hit your foes while they are engaged. You might want to push further after the kill to get both parties instead of just one. Take your time instead of shooting right away, as enemies are usually already distracted.

5. Bait enemies with loot

Dead players' loot and airdrop crates often draw attention from Free Fire players - some even get tunnel vision, walking toward the loot without noticing things around them. When playing passively in Free Fire, it is best to use these as bait instead of picking them up yourself.

Lots of players get tunnel-vision seeing an airdrop crate.

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