Free Fire is known for having new content and events frequently to give players a new experience and rewards. Apart from the current New Age events, one of the latest events in Free Fire is the Two Birds One Stone event, featuring 2 Grand Prizes, which are the Blood Buster bundle and the Evil Slayer bundle. In this article, we are going to show you how this new event works.

2 Birb One Stone Event
Check out the new Two Bird One Stone Event in Free Fire.

Free Fire Two Birds One Stone Event

Event duration: December 20 to December 26

The Free Fire Two Birds One Stone event is a special lucky spin event, meaning that you need to spend Diamonds to get rewards. The event has a total of 12 prizes split into 2 prize pools.

Here are the prizes from the upper row:

  • Bloody  Gold MP40 Weapon Loot Crate
  • Death's Backpack
  • Evil Slayer Bundle
  • Fancy Hands Emote
  • Diamond Royale Voucher
  • Flaming Wolf Weapon Loot Crate

Here are the prizes from the bottom row:

  • Pink Laminate M4A1 Weapon Loot Crate
  • Swordsman Legends Loot Crate
  • Blood Buster Bundle
  • Kongfu Emote
  • Weapon Royale Loot Crate
  • Red Samurai Weapon Loot Crate
2 Birb One Stone Event 1
You can spin 2 prize pools at the same time and get 2 rewards for 1 spin.

You can choose to spin in either or both prize pools. If you choose to spin from both prize pools you will get 2 prizes, one from each prize pool at the same time. The spinning cost will also be more expensive but not by a lot. The starting cost for 2 prize pools is 12 Diamonds and it increases with each spin, up to 689 Diamonds in the last spin. The prize you get will be removed from the pool.

If you only choose 1 prize pool and you get the Grand Prize (the prize with gold frame) in the other pool, you will be able to buy that prize using Diamonds.

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