The safe zone in Free Fire constantly shrinking randomly to force people to fight. Making fast rotation and get a good position is a very important factor that will bring you closer to victory in Free Fire. However, running is not always the fastest or the safest way to rotate around the map in Free Fire.

Here are 6 things in Free Fire that you can use to rotate in Free Fire easily.


Vehicles are the most common method that Free Fire players use to rotate around the map. They spawn around the map often so you can easily find one anywhere. With high moving speed, you can faster rotation while staying safe.



Ziplines are set up in certain locations around the map in Free Fire. You can travel from one end of a zipline to the other end fast on the cable of the zipline. The zipline is a great way to rotate but it is not always available.

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Launchpads shaped like a skateboard and will launch players into the air. You can adjust the angle and the direction of the Launchpad. The Launchpad is the best way in Free Fire to reach unreachable locations such as on the top of a high tower or buildings. The Launchpad can launch you really far away but you need to set the direction and angel of it right.



The Glider is available to all players. To use it, you have to go to a high location and jump. The Glider will then automatically pop up so you and in the air and move to different locations. The Glider has been nerfed once because it was too OP.

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Grapple Hook

The Grapple Hook is a special pistol that is only available in Kalahari and only in Airdrop. While it is very rare to find, it is also a very helpful item. It shot out a cable that will attach to the destination and pull you toward there. You can reach high locations that are normally unreachable easily with the Grapple Hook. From there, you can get a good look around your area and easily kill other players.

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Electric Surfboard

Electric Surfboard is a great item to move around the map and it can even run on water. It can move really fast and it has a cooldown after each use. The Electric Surfboard is spawned around the map, but it is not a very common item so you will not always find one.

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