Garena Free Fire is taking over the mobile gaming scene all around the world with its non-stop collaborations with big names. When we say big names, we mean "super big". The game has shaken hands with numerous celebrities, including the Portuguese football superstar - Cristiano Ronaldo, as well as tons of other famous TV shows. And now, after months on ends of waiting, it's finally here. Garena has officially started the One Punch Man Free Fire Collab. Without further ado, let's jump right into the details.

Who is One Punch Man?

One-Punch Man is a Japanese superhero franchise. It tells the story of Saitama, who possesses the ability to defeat any opponent with a single punch. He scours the universe to find a worthy opponent, but none can stand to his overwhelming strength. The Japanese artist ONE wrote the original webcomic version in early 2009.

One Punch Man 2

The manga also received an anime adaptation, the first broadcast was in Japan from October to December 2015. The franchise has garnered a lot of attention from the public. As of June 2012, the original webcomic surpassed 7.9 million hits. As of April 2020, the manga remake had sold over 30 million copies.

One Punch Man Free Fire Collab 

There have been leaks on the OB25 Advanced Server of Free Fire that suggest Free Fire x One Punch Man collaboration was coming. However, it is not until now that Garena officially confirmed and released the long-awaited collab. Players can now enjoy Free Fire with the popular anime superhero Caped Baldy - Saitama, and his 'disciple' Genos.

Free Fire One Punch Man 1

Speaking in the official announcement, Free Fire Producer Harold Teo expresses the warmest welcome towards "one of Japan’s most iconic heroes". He firmly believes the appearance of Saitama and friends in the Free Fire universe will further the "novel content infused with influences from across the world".

One Punch Man Free Fire Collaboration Date

The first event in Free Fire’s crossover with Japanese superhero franchise One-Punch Man has already arrived at the virtual battlegrounds. Starting from January 10th, 2021's first major collaboration will conclude on January 27th. Don't miss your chance to take part in numerous events to win exclusive One Punch Man-themed items.

Free Fire x One Punch Man Collaboration Events

The first collaboration of Garena Free Fire kicked off 2021 with a series of in-game events. Here's a list of ongoing and upcoming events in the Free Fire x One Punch Man Collaboration.

Mighty Fist Faded Wheel

Duration: 10th to 23rd January

In this event, players have to spend Diamonds to acquire the exclusive Saitama's Mighty Fist. It's available as the Grand Prize in the Faded Wheel. Players can remove two unwanted items from the Prize Pool, increasing their chances of acquiring the skin. There will be 9 other items apart from the Saitama's Mighty Fist for you to claim.

You must draw the spin by spend Diamonds. Once you get an item from the wheel, it will be removed from the Prize Pool immediately. Therefore, there won't be any repetition regarding the rewards. However, the prices also go up accordingly. The Diamond costs for the spins are as follows: 9, 19, 39, 69, 99, 199, 299, 599. In other words, players can win the Mighty Fist skin for 1342 Diamonds or less.

Here's how to participate in the Faded Wheel to obtain the new skin

  • Step 1: Open Garena Free Fire and visit the Luck Royale
Luck Royale option
Access the Luck Royale
  • Step 2: Navigate to the 'Free Fire One Punch Man' tab
Free Fire X One Punch Man tab
Free Fire X One Punch Man tab here
  • Step 3: Two unwanted items from the prize pool.
remove 2 items
Remove two items from the spin
  • Step 4: Hit the spin button to draw your rewards

The Hero Trial 

Date: January 15th, 2021

The next event, The Hero Trial, will transform Free Fire’s interface on January 15th. On the same day, players can find Easter Eggs on spawn island. Airdrops and airships will also feature a different look.

one punch man free fire collab rewards
New items are coming to Free Fire's battlegrounds

Several aesthetic items will also go online starting from January 15th. You can claim new costumes, One Punch Man Free Fire M1887, backpack, Gloo Wall skins, and Genos M4A1 weapon skin.

Exclusive Login Rewards

Date: January 23rd

Log in to Garena Free Fire on January 23rd to claim a free Saitama Loot Box skin.

Training Session

Date: January 15th to January 27th

One-Punch Man themed items
Train yourself to become a superhero

On January 15, a special “Training Session” will hit the realm of Garena Free Fire. It offers players the chance to win exclusive rewards for free. Each session will task players with defeating monsters, who drop loot boxes in three tiers of rarity once defeated. A higher tier box has better loot, that's out of the question. However, in order to be a part of the Training Session, players have to collect Free Fire Collab Saitama One Punch Man Tickets in post-match drops or by completing daily missions.

Path To Hero Web Event

Duration: 16th to 26th January

Path to Hero web event
Take part in the Path to Hero Web Event

Don't forget the Path to Hero Web Event on 16th to 26th January. The event will test the players' abilities on the battlegrounds via a series of missions. Complete the tasks to claim treasure boxes containing event tokens. Players can later exchange those tokens for exciting rewards in the redemption store.

One Punch Man Free Fire Emote

The new collaboration also brings an exclusive emote to Garena Free Fire. Players can acquire the Obliteration Emote in the in-game store for 599 Diamonds.

One Punch Man
Join Saitama in his Free Fire adventure

That's all it is for now regarding One Punch Man Free Fire Collab. Don't miss out on your chances to take part in exclusive events and claim your very own aesthetic items. For more guides, tips, and tricks about Free Fire, visit our website at