Garena Free Fire: All About The Spiderman, Marshmallow, Batman Dress Glitch and Mods

Za Hando - Jan 12, 2021 | Mobile Games

There has been an increase in the usage of mods to add unofficial character skins and emotes to Garena Free Fire.

Almost every popular game in the gaming industry has some kind or form of un-official alterations and changes to it. Those alterations include 'mods', made for the sake of creativity and fun. For those who don't know, a mod (short for “modification”) is an alteration done by unofficial sources to change one or more aspects of a video game, like the graphics or gameplay. Mods have a wide variety, ranging from small changes to complete overhauls.

Free Fire Phone
Players are using mods to play Garena Free Fire

In the past, only Console and PC Games had mods. However, as the mobile gaming industry grows more popular, so does the number of mods for mobile games. Garena Free Fire is no exception. The latest mods seem to be bringing a dress glitch to the game due to related issues.

About the Free Fire Dress Glitch

The Free Fire mods add costumes and emotes that aren’t even officially available in-game for the players to equip and play with. Most of these mods come from glitches exploited by those who have the ability to modify game files while bypassing the Free Fire security wall.

Free Fire Dress Glitch
Free Fire Dress Glitch: Batman, Marshmallow, Spiderman & Naruto

After a little bit of search on YouTube, you can find tons of videos about mods that allow you to equip certain costumes. You can play Free Fire as Kurumi, Marshmallow, Batman, Spiderman, and Naruto, the list goes on. Not just that, one can also unlock show-off certain exclusive emotes. That means they can’t be equipped or bought from the store, but you may have seen them during the promos of every new Diamond Royale and Incubator.

Garena’s Reaction to The Glitch

The game officials have not released any comments regarding this matter. However, many relevant Free Fire social media personalities have talked in-depth about this matter. After weighing in on their opinions, it's safe to say that the majority of the community considers those mods as cheats and hacks. So, these mods may look super tempting, but in the end, they are all straight-up violating the rules and regulations of the game.

Free Fire Top 5 Bundles
Mods are illegal

It can be exciting to play Free Fire with your favorite personalities. Yet, this is still a violation of copyright as Free Fire has not had any collaboration with Marshmallow, DC Comics, Marvel, or any of the other franchises as in the mods.

Free Fire Bunny Cover
You're subject to a permanent ban for using mods in Free Fire

Users should stop supporting several YouTubers who first introduced these mods to gain traction and financial aid. They did it for their sake only, for views, and revenue. Garena Free Frie should tackle this situation immediately to maintain the integrity of the game. ​


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