Free Fire's New Age event is heading toward its peak day very soon. There will be a lot of free rewards, including a legendary grenade skin named Merry Snowman and a new character called Nairi. In this article, we are going to showcase how to get these two valuable rewards for free!

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Merry Snowman Grenade Skin And Nairi Character

1. How to get the legendary Merry Snowman grenade skin for free?

This grenade skin is going to be the ultimate reward of the "Play Lone Wolf Ranked" event starting December 25. This is a very limited event and is only available for two days, between December 25 and 26.

Players need to complete various required tasks to acquire the skin. Below are the exact details for the tasks:

  • 2x Pet Food: Play 1 match in Lone Wolf Ranked
  • 500x Universal Fragments: Play 3 matches in Lone Wolf Ranked
  • Grenade – Merry Snowman: Play 5 matches in Lone Wolf Ranked
Merry Snowman grenade skin
Merry Snowman grenade skin event

Lone Wolf is a unique battle mode where users can participate in shot 1v1 or 2v2 matches. Overall, this is a pretty easy event and players should not miss their chance to get this skin and the rest of the rewards for free.

2. How to get the new Nairi character for free?

Nairi is going to be the newest character added in Free Fire OB31. His skill is a passive ability called Ice Iron, which automatically heals all of your deployed Gloo Walls for some of their durability every second. Additionally, with Nairi's ability equipped, players will deal extra damage against Gloo Wall using assault rifles.

Garena is going to release Nairi for free as a login bonus. Players only need to log into Free Fire on the peak day, December 25, to receive the character for free. Afterwards, he would be available for purchase in the shop at a standard diamond price.

Nairi Character
Nairi Character In Free Fire

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