When it comes to Free Fire content creators, Ungraduate Gamer is one of the most dominant ones with 7,54 million subscribers and 986,073 million views on his YouTube channel. He has been making content about Free Fire for the past few years and is well-liked by the community.

He also frequently put non-Free Fire content and giveaways on his channel. In this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about Ungraduate Gamer, including Ungraduate Gamer ID, stats, photo, income, and more.

1. Free Fire Ungraduate Gamer real name, photo, phone number

Ungraduate Gamer real name is Ayush Dubey. He was born in 2001 in India and is currently 21 years old. There is currently no information regarding Ungraduate gamer phone number. He is one of those YouTubers who don't want to reveal his face until he decided to make a face reveal video in November 2019. You can see Ungraduate Gamer phot below.

Undergraduate Gamer Free Fire Face
Free Fire Ungraduate Gamer photo

The young YouTuber started his channel on 23 June 2018. His most viewed video is a short video with 23 million views titled "Sad Emotional Story of Every Noob Player😭💔Hidden Reality !!"

Apart from YouTube Ungraduate Gamer also has a channel on other streaming platforms such as BOOYAH and Nimo.

2. Free Fire Ungraduate Gamer ID and stats

Ungraduate Gamer ID in Free Fire is 256205699. His in-game name is UG_Ayush7M. His profile has a total of 67825 likes and is currently at Level 83. The Battle Style on his profile is Dominator and Best Pal, showing that he has an aggressive style and is a teamplay player.

He reached Heroic rank in all the most recent 5 ranked seasons in both Battle Royale and Clash Squad. In the current Ranked Season, he already reached Grand Master rank. With these achievements, it is clear that he is one of the best Free Fire players in India. Let's take a closer look at his stats below.

Ungraduate Gamer Id
Free Fire Ungraduate Gamer ID and profile

Lifetime Battle Royale stats

Ungraduate Gamer played a total of 30096 games in Squad mode and won 8784 of them. He has a win rate of 29.18%, which is quite decent. His number of kills of 109325, which translates to an insane K/D ratio of 5.13.

In Duo mode, he got 159 victories out of 727 matches which translates to a win rate of 21.87%. He maintained his high K/D ratio of 3.40 in this mode.

In Solo mode, the YouTuber played a total of 700 games with 23.00% and 151 kills. His K/D ratio min Solo mode is 4.69 with a total of 2530 kills.

Undergraduate Gamer Free Fire Stats
Undergraduate Gamer Free Fire lifetime Battle Royale stats.

Ungraduate Gamer mostly played in Squad mode, which consists of more than 90% of his total matches. This is very common for a lot of Free Fire players since Squad mode has the least randomness and requires more skill and coordination.

That being said, he managed to maintain his high K/D ratio and win rate in all 3 modes, which is very impressive. Many great players in Squad mode don't perform really well in Duo or Solo. Whichever mode he plays, he always manages to get a high kill count.

Lifetime Clash Squad stats

The YouTuber is also quite active in Clash Squad mode. He played a total of 3497 Clash Squad games and won 2380 of them. He has a really high win rate in Clash Squad of 68.06%. He killed a total of 18978 enemies during his matches with a K/D ratio of 2.21. He excels as a Predator, a Leader, and a Punisher in Clash Squad. It is reflected by his aggressive playstyle and high kill count.

Ungraduate Gamer is just as skilled in Clash Squad mode as he is in Battle Royale mode, which is why can reach Heroic so easily in many ranked seasons.

Undergraduate Gamer Free Fire Stats 1
Undergraduate Gamer Free Fire lifetime Clash Squad stats.

Note that these stats were recorded at the time of writing and they might change in the future.

3. Free Fire Ungraduate Gamer income

According to Social Blade, Ungraduate Gamer got more than 23 million views from his YouTube channel over the last 30 days. This makes his estimated earning is between the range of $58,000 - $92,500. This is only his earning from his YouTube channel only, not including other sources such as sponsor deals and other sources of income.

Ungraduate Gamer
Ungraduate Gamer channel generates him about 23 million views a month.

4. Free Fire Ungraduate Gamer social media

Ungraduate Gamer has many people following his social media. His Instagram has 593 thousand followers and his Twitter has 4 thousand followers. Here is this list of all the official social media of Ungraduate Gamer:

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