A bunch of new New Age events has just arrived Free Fire for players to join and grab many free rewards and skins, including the Frozen Torch Skyboard, the M60 Ice Blossom, and the Pan Snow Doom skin. Check out this article for more information about how to get them.

Countdown to New Age event

Event duration: December 29 to January 4

Players need to log in to Free Fire to claim rewards from this event. Essentially, players can get a Frozen Torch Skyboard skin on the fourth day. Here are the details:

  • 2 Gold Royale Vouchers - Login 1 Day
  • 5 New Age Coins - Login 2 Days
  • Craftland Room Card - Login 3 Days
  • Frozen Torch Skyboard skin - Login 4 Day
  • 3 Resupply Map - Login 5 Days

The event lasts for a total of 8 days so players can get all the rewards even if they can't log in to the game a day or two.

Skyboard Skin
Log in to Free Fire for 4 days to get the Frozen Torch Skyboard skin for free.

Exchange Token for rewards

Event duration: December  27 to January 3

During this event, players can complete daily missions to get Blue Fox Statues. They can then exchange these Blue Fox Statues for rewards.

Here is the list of missions:

  • Play 1 Clash Squad match - 1 Blue Fox Statue
  • Play 1 Battle Royale match - 1 Blue Fox Statue
  • Deals 1000 damage - 1 Blue Fox Statue
  • Play 1 Match with friends - 1 Blue Fox Statue

Here is the list of rewards you can claim:

  • M60 Ice Blossom skin - 10 Blue Fox Statues
  • Pan Snow Doom - 8 Blue Fox Statues
  • Weapon Royale Voucher - 3 Blue Fox Statues
  • Bonfire - 1 Blue Fox Statue

The exchange store only open on January 1 and January 2 so players need to mark the date to exchange their Blue Fox Statues for rewards.

Exchange For Rewards
Exchange tokens for free rewards in the event.

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