Gloo Wall is a multiple purposes item in Free Fire. More skilled players know how to use Gloo Wall to their advantage in a very creative way apart from the usual situation. But even if you are a beginner, you can learn when to use Gloo Walls in Free Fire from their experience.

1. Rushing the enemies

When rushing a player in Free Fire, you always need to make sure that you stay behind covers most of the time. People who are in a defensive position often have more advantages. However, you won't always find hard covers to stay safe when you are pushing. This is a perfect opportunity to use Gloo Walls. You can use multiple Gloo Walls to get close to the enemies without putting yourself at risk.

2. Running from a fight

There are many bad situations in Free Fire you might be in such as running out of healing items or being in a bad position. The best thing to do during those times is to retreat using Gloo Wall. There is this little technique called "backrun Gloo Wall." Basically, you will be running backward while facing the enemies to deploy Gloo Walls.

Back Run Gloo Wall
You can use Gloo Wall to safely retreat from a fight.

3. Blocking entrances

Blocking off the doors of the house can prevent the enemies from coming in or block the escape route when you are pushing them. If you have the new Nairi character then it will be almost impossible for the enemies to break down these Gloo Wall barricades.

Gloo Wall
Use Gloo Walls to blocking off the door in buildings.

4. Climbing buildings

The high ground in Free Fire has a lot of advantages. You will have a better vision of the area. The enemy cannot get close to you and some won't even expect that you are there in the first place. To reach these locations, players need to use Gloo Walls and stack them up to make a stair.

How To Climb House Free Fire
You can use Gloo Wall to make a stair.

5. Blocking damage in close-range fights

Gloo Walls in Free Fire can be an amazing tool in close-range fights if the player is skillful enough. In close-range combat on open ground, it is up to the players to make their own cover using Gloo Wall to cut off enemies' attacks and take the initiative.

Weapons such as shotguns and SMGs can burst you down very quickly from this distance and Gloo Wall will be your only way to survive.

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