BGMI has been growing steadily ever since it comes back to the Indian market. Krafton did its best to keep the game up to date with the global version, releasing periodic updates to bolster players' gaming experience.

In this article, we are going to showcase all the new contents in the February update, including the new TDM map Santorini and the Jujutsu Kaisen collab mode.

1. New Jujutsu Kaisen mode

This mode is based on the popular manga Japanese manga series Jujutsu Kaisen, this month's collaboration event. Players will encounter Jujutsu Kaisen characters moving around the battlefield of Erangel and Livik. Furthermore, the four characters are also going to be on the spawn island - players can talk to them before the match.

Jujutsu Kaisen
The Jujutsu Kaisen collaboration is going to introduce the 4 main characters in the manga.

Outside of the characters, players can search for treasure boxes around the island to get high tier loot. This is a requirement to complete the missions available in the cycle tab. Lastly, skull grenades can be used to summon a boss, which drops a lot of rare loot upon defeat.

 Jujutsu Kaisen
Cosmetics based on the Jujutsu Kaisen characters are also going to be part of this update.

Just like the League of Legends: Arcane mode, there will be an exploration event in this mode too. Players can gain exploration points by playing classic matches in Jujutsu Kaisen mode. The distribution of exploration points will be based upon players' performance in those classic matches. The better players perform in the match, the more points they get.

To complete the whole exploration chapter, players need to play every day, as they can only gain 140 points per day.

2. New 8v8 Santorini TDM map

The new TDM map is called Santorini, based on a Greece island of the same name. Unlike the usual 4vs4 TDM maps, Santorini supports a much bigger 8vs8 mode. The increase in player number resulted in an increase of the total required kills, from 40 to 80.

Santorini Map
The Santorini TDM map is inspired by the beautiful island in Greece.

The map is pretty well designed, with small houses scattered all over the place, which serves as covers and sniping spots. Furthermore, this is the only map with ladders that players can use to climb to different places.

Win A 8vs8 Match
You take part in an 8vs8 nonstop gunfight between two teams.

While in the Arena Training mode, players are given the same weapons as those on the Warehouse map. However, when it comes to TDM mode, players can choose any weapon of their choice and place it in their loadout before entering the match.

3. New partner voice packs

BGMI has been releasing voice packs based on famous content creators and pro players. After a month, Jonathan's voice pack is finally coming out. Other than that, this update would contain a number of new packs. It is to be seen if Snax or Kaztro is going to be part of the update or not.

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