PUBG Mobile introduced a new Arena TDM map called Santorini. It's an 8vs8 TDM map that was inspired by the beautiful Greek island - Santorini. This new TDM map doubles your team. Here's the gameplay and some must-know tips to win on PUBG Mobile's new Arena Santorini TDM map.

New Arena Santorini TDM Map Gameplay

The new TDM map takes players to the stunning Greek island Santorini. It has many new features that are unprecedented in PUBG Mobile before, including the gameplay. Here are all the new features you will experience in this new game mode.

Santorini Map
The Santorini TDM map is inspired by the beautiful island in Greece.

#1. Rules & Gameplay

To play on the Santorini TDM map, you go to the section of Unranked Modes. Download the map if it's not ready to play. After successfully matching, you will team up with seven other players in the blue or red team.

Two teams of eight players each spawn in two different spots on this island. Each player will have a weapon with unlimited ammo and respawns to defeat enemies as many times as possible. The team reaching 80 kills first will win the match.

Win A 8vs8 Match
You take part in an 8vs8 nonstop gunfight between two teams.

#2. Unique Geography

Santorini has a totally unique geography. Unlike previous TDM maps, this island has many small houses and stairways. There are many crates, corners, and hidden corners to check and spot enemies on this new map. Enemies can suddenly appear behind you. Moreover, they can also use ladders to climb to the rooftop to kill you.

When playing on this map, you will receive Battle Royale Box Voucher Fragments. These voucher fragments can use collected during the Fun in Santorini. This event will end after Feb 19th, 2022. Play at least one match in Santorini per day to collect a voucher fragment.

8vs8 Tdm Match
The geography of Santorini is totally different from previous TDM maps.

Tips For Santorini TDM Map

Santorini is a new map with a totally brand new gameplay and geography. Therefore, you need some tips and tricks to win and become a TDM conqueror in PUBG Mobile.

#1. Remember all corners

Beginners often get confused and lost in Santorini for some first matches. You need to spend time remembering all hidden corners in this new TDM map first. Rooftops and stairways are great spots to hide and camp. But you need to change your position after taking down an enemy because he or his teammates will know your position and kill you

#2. Stick To Teammates

You should rush with one or two teammates to contribute bullets and damage to kill enemies faster. Your team will reach the target more quickly with this tip if the opponent team does bad teamwork. But if you are a pro assaulter with great headshot skills, you can use your favorite AR.

Rush With Teammates
You should rush with teammates.

#3. Defend Your Home

Each team has a home to respawn. But enemies can enter and camp in your home to kill you after you respawn. So, you need to defend your home well to prevent spies from breaking in. In a few seconds, after you respawn, enemies can see and shoot you but you won't take damage until your character can move. Check your home and get ready to shoot if enemies are camping inside.

#4. Select Right Weapons

Shotguns are more effective and useful in this new map. Though Santorini is not a small map, obstacles and structures on this map create narrow free spaces for combat. Therefore, you should use shotguns for close-range gunfights in Santorini.

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