PUBG Mobile 1.8 has added new Spiderman abilities to the battle royale ranked mode. When you equip the Spiderman set, you will gain many special abilities that are very useful on the battleground. Here are the 5 best uses of Spiderman abilities in PUBG Mobile Erangel.

#1. Climb Top of Military Tower

There are many high towers and buildings in Erangel, such as the metal tower in the Military Base. You can climb the top of the tower through the stairway or by using the web-shooter of Spiderman. Tap and hold the web-shooter button to aim and release the web to climb the tower.

It's faster than using the stairway. Besides, there are many other high towers and buildings on this map that you can climb by using Spiderman's ability.

Climb The Tower
Climb the tower on Military Base.

#2. Cross the Bridge

There are many big bridges in PUBG Mobile Erangel. Crossing the bridge is always a risky ability because many players often camp the bridge. But the web-shooter makes it safer for players to cross the bridge in Erangel. You can easily climb the top of the bridge and run through it quickly.

Or else, you can swing underneath the bridge to avoid encountering bridge campers. But keep in mind that the web-shooter skill has a cooldown time. You have to wait for a couple of seconds to use it again.

Fly To Cross The Bridge
Fly to cross the bridge

#3. Use Spiderweb Balls in Last Circle

In the last circle, you can slow down your enemy by using the Spiderweb. Throw the web balls to the path where your enemy will move through. Then, their movement will be restricted. You should make them slow down to shoot them more easily.

When your enemies get stuck inside these traps, they cannot escape and dodge your bullets fast. Then, you will get some easy target to kill and get Chicken Dinner. This tip only works in the last circle where the playing zone is very small.

Loot Spider Balls To Use
Loot spider balls to use.

#4. Escape The Gunfight

You can swing and fly around the map in PUBG Mobile Erangel. Players can fly up or swing around the map with the web shooter. You can leave your position quickly after releasing the web-shooter button. When you get shot in the open ground, use the web-shooter to leave the enemy's crosshair.

Moving quickly is an important tip to avoid being an easy target in PUBG Mobile. If you stand still or move slowly in the open ground, you can be aimed and shot down by many opponents.

#5. Enter the Safe Zone

Another use of Spiderman's abilities in PUBG Mobile Erangel is dashing into the safe zone. Erangel is a large map, so you often need to use the vehicle to move into the playing zone on time and avoid dying in the blue zone. But vehicles are often noisy. So, you can use the web-shooter to swing and enter the safe zone.

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