AC Core Module is one of the biggest addition to PUBG Mobile in Update 1.8. When playing in the new unranked battle royale map Aftermath, you will notice the AC Core in all guns. Let's see what AC Core Module really is and how it affects the weapon stats.

I. What Is AC Core?

AC Core is a kind of default scope on the new Aftermath map that looks like the Red Dot. But this high-tech scope shows players the hit points they cause after each shot. The Damage point is displayed on the screen. So, you know how much damage you have dealt. This new scope has an impact on the Control and Damage of the weapon.

When you open the inventory and tap on the AC Core in the scope slot, you will see its effects on the damage and handling features. In specific, it reduces the damage but makes the control better. It means that the gun recoil is reduced. Obviously, these changes lead to big differences in the gameplay of most players.

Ac Core Module
AC Core Module is pre-equipped with all guns in Aftermath.

II. AC Core's Effects

To know more about the effects of the AC Core Module, we need to compare the damage and recoil patterns of the normal gun and the gun with the AC Core. It helps you understand and master the weapon with new control and damage status quickly.

#1. On Damage

The AC Core will definitely reduce the damage point. Many players think that it only makes the damage drop slightly. But in fact, this new equipment makes the gun much weaker than the normal gun. For example, the base damage of M416 to the chest part without the military vest is 41 HP/shot.

But the base damage of M416 with AC Core is only 15 HP/shot that is much lower than the normal stats. It means that the new AC Core Module reduces the gun recoil by around 63%. Similarly, the normal base damage of AKM is 48 but it drops to 17 with AC Core.

Base Damage Drops
The base damage drops a lot.

As a result, you need to shoot over ten more accurate bullets to kill someone in this game. It makes the time to kill longer. Besides, your gun also runs out of bullets faster. Players need to loot or purchase more ammunition before engaging in combat.

#2. On Recoils

To make the new AC Core Module look less useless and disadvantageous, PUBG Mobile announces that it improves the control of the weapon. It means that the gun with AC Core has lower recoil. In fact, it seems to reduce the vertical and horizontal recoils by only 5% which is very small and hard to notice.

Luckily, it reduces the bullet jump of some first bullets significantly. But the low damage still makes AC Core really useless. You cannot take the moving target down even though you shoot accurately. It may annoy many players, so they can quit this mode quickly and never come back.

Recoil Comparison
The gun recoil reduces slightly.

In some servers, the Aftermath map is still neglected and AC Core may be one of the main reasons. Whereas, the new Spiderman collaboration mode is highly preferred. A lot of players are interested in Web-shooters and the new gameplay of this game mode.

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