PUBG Mobile players are pointing out some new fun and useful myths in the current version 1.7. Check out the latest PUBG Mobile myths in early 2022 that can be either fun or useful.

#1. Mirror Island Myths

There are some new myths about the ways to reach the Mirror Island we need to confirm or make them busted. The first myth says that players can fly to this island with a Motor Glider. In fact, the maximum height that the Motor Glider can reach is still lower than the altitude of this island. Therefore, this myth is busted.

According to the second Mirror Island myth, players can use the Air Conveyor to reach this island. This theory can be true when the Mirror Island is exactly on the launching path of the air conveyor. If you see the floating island right above this machine, you can use it to launch into the air above the island and land on the Mirror Island. So, this myth is confirmed.

Cannot Reach Mirror Island
Players cannot reach Mirror Island with this vehicle.

#2. Long-range Combat Myth

According to the myth, players can kill an enemy over 400 meters away by exploding their vehicle. In fact, PUBG Mobile players can hardly shoot and kill the target beyond 400 meters away from them because the maximum render distance is about 320 meters.

However, if they move in a vehicle, this render distance is expanded. Then, your shot can hit a vehicle that goes beyond 320 meters. Therefore, you can kill the target at that distance by blowing up their vehicle. This myth is confirmed. Although it's useful, the chance to use it is limited.

Blow Up Vehicles Beyond 400 Meters
Blow up vehicles beyond 400 meters

#3. Piggyback Carry Myth In Zombie Mode

There is a super useful myth about the Piggyback carry feature in the Zombie mode. In specific, zombies won't attack players when they are carrying their knocked teammates. You can test it with your teammates right away and see that this myth is confirmed. It's very useful in this survival game mode because it saves both you and your knocked teammate when being surrounded by too many zombie enemies.

Piggyback Carry
The piggyback carry feature can save you in Zombie mode.

#4. Molotov Myth

According to the new useful throwable myth, the Molotov can go through the floor of the squad house and burn. This myth can be used as a useful trick but you need to do it right.

  • Firstly, enter the ground floor of a squad house and hold the Molotov in your hand.
  • Then, switch to low-toss mode.
  • Hold the Fire button and aim at the point between the ceiling and the lamp.
  • Release the Fire button to throw.

This myth is only confirmed when you do these steps correctly. If you throw the Molotov at the lamp or other spot on the ceiling, it won't work.

Aim At This Point
Aim at this point and the trick works occasionally.

#5. Glass Window Myth

The glass window is a new feature in recent updates of PUBG Mobile. According to the new myth, players can use crouch jump to break the glass windows and get out of the house. After many tests, this myth is busted. You cannot break the glass windows by the crouch jump.

Crouch Jump
You cannot break the glass window with the crouch jump.

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