The new Piggyback Carry feature in PUBG Mobile is very useful. It makes the game more interesting. You can carry your knocked teammates or enemies. Here are some tips and tricks for Piggyback Carry in PUBG Mobile that you should know.

Carry Function
Learn to use the carry function.

#1. Help Knocked Teammates In Blue Zone

PUBG Mobile players can use the Carry function to bring knocked teammates to a safe place and revive them. Besides, the knocked players will lose their health slowlier than when they crawl. So, you should use this feature to reduce the health loss of knocked teammates by 50%.

You should use this feature to bring teammates knocked inside the blue zone to enter the safe zone. If you let him crawl into the safe zone by himself, he will continue to take damage and lose his health faster until he dies in the blue zone.

Carry Function
Carry knocked teammates to reduce their health loss.

#2. Use Knocked Enemy

When you carry a knocked player on your back, that player will take all shots if you are hit. So, you can use the knocked player as a temporary shield. For example, after knocking an enemy, you can pick him up and carry him on your back to cover.

You can also bring the knocked enemy to a house and close the door. Then, ask him to call for help from his teammates. If the enemy really calls his teammates to come for help, you can camp to eliminate all of them. It's one of the best tricks for Piggyback Carry in PUBG Mobile.

Carry Knocked Enemies
Carry knocked enemies to use as a shield.

#3. Use Piggyback Carry And Vehicle To Help AFK Teammates

You cannot use Piggyback Carry to bring knocked teammates into the vehicle. But you can drop him in the front of the car and drive to the safe zone. It's a very useful trick for players to help the AFK teammate when he is knocked outside the play zone.

If your AFK teammates cannot come back to the game early but the blue zone comes, they may die when taking damage from the electric zone. You should use this trick to bring knocked teammates into the safe zone when they are AFK too long. Then, your teammates can still survive when they come back to the game in later circles.

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