UMP45 is more preferred after the latest update 1.7 due to some reasons. It's really OP with many advantages that not all players know. Here are the top PUBG Mobile pro tips for UMP45 and the best reasons why you should use this weapon in the battle royale mode.

I. Reasons To Use UMP45

In recent update, PUBG Mobile developers has improved UMP45. This weapon is more preferred due to its higher damage point.

Its base damage after updates is around 43HP/hit, which is higher than the base damage of 5.56 assault rifles, such as M416, SCAR-L, and even AUG A3.

Ump 45
UMP45 has higher base damage than some ARs.

After updates, UMP45 has the highest base damage among SMGs. You can use this SMG to counter enemies with 5.56 ARs. You can knock down an enemy with only 4 shots to his arms or legs. It's really powerful and reliable with low recoil, high accuracy, and silence.

Moreover, UMP45 has a high rate of fire and damage per second. It can cause 492 damage per second which is higher than that of M416 and AKM. This gun can release around 11 bullets per second. That's enough to kill enemies quickly and win the gunfight if you know how to use this gun correctly.

Ump45 Is Very Useful In Close Combat
UMP45 is very useful in close combat.

II. Tips To Use UMP45

You need some tips and tricks to use UMP45 efficiently and correctly. Here are the top pro tips for UMP45 in PUBG Mobile and BGMI after update 1.7.

#1. Where to shoot

Shoot to the arms and legs of enemies when the opponents wear level-3 vests and helmets to take them down faster. The arms and legs are not protected by the armor vest. So, these parts are more vulnerable and weaker. Then, these parts take the highest damage from your shots.

Aim To The Arms And Legs
Aim to the arms and legs for faster kills.

#2. Understand its weakness

A disadvantage of UMP45 is its headshot damage. Although UMP45 has higher base damage to the chest than 5.56 ARs, its headshot damage bonus is only 70% while that of ARs is 130%. So, you shouldn't aim to the head of the enemy where level-2 and level-3 helmets.

#3. Fire before the opponent

The bullet velocity of UMP45 is also lower than that of M416. Therefore, you may be killed before your bullets hit the opponent using ARs. So, you have to fire before the opponent so that you can take him down before he can reflex. It's because lower bullet speed makes your bullets hit the target later than his bullets if they fire at the same time.

Ump45 Has High Mobility
UMP45 has high mobility.

#4. Use hip-fire

An outstanding advantage of UMP45 is its high accuracy. So, it's very useful and accurate in hip-firing. You should use hip-fire in close combat and face-t0-face situations for better aiming and accurate shots. Therefore, you should always hold it in your hands when moving in hot-drop locations to get ready for gunfights and reflex quickly when suddenly countering enemies.

#5. Keep moving

Keep moving while using UMP45 to take advantage of this gun for the best result. An obvious strength of SMGs is their high mobility. This gun lets you move fast while still aiming accurately with the crosshair. Keep moving to dodge bullets and fire in close-range fights.

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