The Mirror Island is a new hot-drop location in PUBG Mobile 1.7 Mirror mode. A lot of players are landing here to combat and experience the new game mode. Here are the top must-know tips and tricks to eliminate enemies and survive on PUBG Mobile 1.7 Mirror Island.

#1. How To Land On Mirror Island

To have the advantage over enemies on the new hot-drop location Mirror Island, you need to jump out of the plane when it gets close to the island. Here's how to land faster on PUBG Mobile 1.7 Mirror Island.

  • Open the mini-map.
  • Tap on the Jump button when it's about 500 meters away from the island.
  • Head to the Mirror Island. Use the landing method to glide towards this island quickly. Make sure the landing speed is over 200km/h.
  • Tap on the Punch button to cancel the landing animation.

After landing, you loot weapons and supplies around you right away to fight and take enemies around down before they can loot weapons. Players who land earlier can also shoot down and kill the opponents who are still parachuting in the sky.

Try To Land Faster
Try to land faster and earlier than enemies.

#2. How To Survive From Chaos

PUBG Mobile 1.7 Mirror Island is full of chaos now as a lot of players are still experiencing the new game mode. Therefore, you need to know how to survive from this chaotic place on this hot-drop island if you want to win and get a Chicken Dinner.

  • Pick up a gun and ammo to get ready to react quickly if the opponent attacks.
  • Then, get to the rocks on the edge of the island and climb there to hide and scout enemies. It's a great location to camp on Mirror Island.
  • After getting ready for combat, you should play aggressively and rush when you have the chance to win. If you die on this island, you will respawn on Erangel/Livik/Sanhok.
  • Try to survive and loot all necessary items within 5 minutes because Mirror Island will disappear after 5 minutes.

Although you will respawn on the ground if you die on Mirror World, try to survive or you will lose all loots when you return to the ground.

Camp On The Rock
Pick up a gun and camp in a safe place.

#3. Camp Near The Second Mirror Island

There is another Mirror Island, known as Champion Island, which can be found on the minimap. It appears after the first Mirror World disappears. You can camp near the blue portal where players come to be transported to the Champion Island for loots.

To camp there, you need to loot quickly and get there early. Then, choose a secret corner where enemies can hardly spot you. If you focus on Chicken Dinner only, don't teleport to the Champion Islands. Just camp around the portal and get some easy kills.

Camp Arounb The Portal
Camp around the portal and surprise enemies.

#4. Champion Island Best Hero Selections

If you want to experience Champion Island, stand inside the blue portal to teleport there. But make sure that you are not surprised by campers around the portal. When you reach the island, you will be transformed into a hero. The hero selection also affects your result.

  • Jayce is the best hero with his OP Hammer. It deals huge damage with its powerful blasts.
  • Jinx is a good choice for close combat with her machine gun and deadly rocket skill.
  • If you are better at mid-range combat, choose Caylin and keep a safe distance from the enemy in 1v1 combat. Try to aim for the head and use hip-fire for a higher rate of fire.
  • VI is the best choice for close combat with his powerful fists. But it's a risky choice because you may get huge damage when getting too close to the opponent. Only choose this hero if you have great punching skills.

Those are some best tips and tricks to win in the new PUBG Mobile 1.7 Mirror Island.

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