PUBG Mobile has many different versions, including a global version and many local versions. Local versions have many special features that make them unique. Check out this PUBG Mobile all version download list for different countries and see which version is the best for you here.

I. PUBG Mobile Global Version

The Global version of PUBG Mobile is the most popular among PUBG Mobile all versions. It's available to download and play on iOS and Android devices in almost all nations in the world. But it has been banned in several countries.

You can download the official version of PUBG Mobile Global from Google Play Store on Android devices and App Store on iPhones and iPads. You can also download and play this game on Emulators on PC and gaming laptops.

Pubg Mobile Update
PUBG Mobile has five versions.

The global version of PUBG Mobile is developed and published by Tencent - a gaming studio headquartered in China. Due to some security concerns, this game is banned in some countries because it's labeled as a Chinese app. But most nations still trust this game app.

Check out the app size and system requirements for the PUBG Mobile Global version here.

  • PUBG Mobile size on iPhone and iPad is around 2GB. The system requirements for PUBG Mobile on the iOS platform include 1GB - 2GB RAM, 4 GB free space, and the iOS 9 operating system. You need to use iPhone 5 or later versions; and iPad Air/ iPad mini 2/ iPad Pro/ 5th-gen iPad or newer.
  • For Android devices, the requirements include the Android 5.1.1 operating system or newer, 3GB - 4GB free space in the storage, and 2GB - 4GB RAM.

Make sure that your smartphones or tablets meet these requirements to be eligible to download and install PUBG Mobile. The system requirements for local versions are the same. Use the latest version for the best gaming experience. Don't use any third-party tool to reduce ping because third-party tools and PUBG Mobile all version APK files are banned.

>>> PUBG Mobile Global download link

All Versions Share The Same Update
Most of these versions share the same core content.

II. PUBG Mobile All Country Version List

There are four local versions of PUBG Mobile for four nations where players cannot download and play the Global version without VPN tools. However, the VPV tools are banned in this game. Therefore, they have to download and play this game on their exclusive version.

Check out all four exclusive local versions of PUBG Mobile for certain countries here.

#1. PUBG Mobile KR

PUBG Mobile KR is the exclusive version of PUBG Mobile for Korean players. It's one of the most well-known versions in the PUBG Mobile all version download list.

Although it's an exclusive version for local players, many foreign players from different countries still downloaded and played it. For example, when PUBG Mobile is banned in India, a lot of Indian gamers switched to PUBG Mobile KR.

Here are some pros and cons of the PUBG Mobile Korean version.

  • Cons: You have to match with Korean players. Communication can matter your teamwork and result.
  • Pros: There are a lot of stunning skins. Besides, you get the update earlier than players in other versions.

>>> PUBG Mobile KR download link

Pubg Mobile Kr
A lot of Indian gamers had played PUBG Mobile KR when it's banned in this nation.

#2. PUBG Mobile VN

PUBG Mobile VN is the exclusive game version for gamers in Vietnam. It's published by VNG - a game studio in Vietnam.

  • Pros: It supports many languages, so you can understand and interact with the game better. You can also match with players all over the world who play on the Global version.
  • Cons: You get the update later than players on other versions.

You need to use VPN tools to fake the IP address to access the app stores of Vietnam and download the game. You can also download the APK file of the game and install it. But VPN tools are still required or you will play with high ping.

>>> PUBG Mobile VN download link

Pubg Mobile Vn
PUBG Mobile VN is launched by VNG studio in Vietnam.

#3. PUBG Mobile China - Game For Peace

Game For Peace is the exclusive version of PUBG Mobile in China. It's one of the least downloaded versions by Indian gamers because most of the players in this version are Chinese. Therefore, it's hard for players in other nations to communicate and co-operate with them.

Here are some pros and cons of Game For Peace.

  • Pros: Tencent tests their new content for PUBG Mobile global on this version. Therefore, players on this version can experience new content of PUBG Mobile earlier. The animation movement in this version is also faster. Then, you can learn to react and practice fast movements in this game version to improve your gaming skills.
  • Cons: Language can make it hard for foreign players to interact with the game.

It's hard for Indian gamers to download this game version because of prohibition. Having said that, many streamers and YouTubers managed to play in Game For Peace to leak new content that may come to the Global version of PUBG Mobile.

>>> Game For Peace download link

Game For Peaces
Game For Peace is the exclusive version of PUBG Mobile in China.

#4. PUBG Mobile India - Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India, also known as BGMI, is the latest local version in the PUBG Mobile all version download list. It's the exclusive version for Indian gamers. BGMI is developed and launched by KRAFTON. It has the same gameplay and content as the global version.

  • Pros: Indian players can connect and match for better teamwork as they use the same language.
  • Cons: Players in other countries cannot download it without VPN tools.

You can try to download BGMI on the official website of the game. The best choices for gamers in these nations are their exclusive versions. VPN tools let you download all versions but you may get banned and lose your account.

>>> Battlegrounds Mobile India download link

Those are all exclusive versions in the PUBG Mobile all version download list. You can download either the global version or the local version to play.

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