The laser sight is an underrated grip attachment in BGMI and PUBG Mobile. But it can increase the hip-fire accuracy by 30%. Therefore, fragger should learn how to use laser sight in BGMI to shoot more accurately.

#1. Effect Of Laser Sight

The laser sight makes your crosshair smaller. You can easily notice it when you are running. When hip-firing, bullets will hit inside the crosshair. Therefore, the smaller the crosshair is, the more accurate your hip-fire is. It means that the laser sight increases the accuracy of hip-fire in BGMI and PUBG Mobile, but it does not reduce the gun recoil.

Increase Hip Fire Accuracy
Laser sight makes your crosshair smaller.

#2. Laser Sight Vs Vertical Grip

The vertical grip helps reduce the vertical recoil of the gun, especially assault rifles like M762, AKM, M416, etc. It's useful in controlling the gun recoil for both hip-fire and ADS.

Meanwhile, the laser sight is only good for hip-fire. Obviously, the laser sight is not as good as the vertical foregrip. But it spawns more often than the vertical grip. It's highly recommended that you should keep both of them in your backpack to switch in different combat.

Vertical Grip Is Better
The vertical grip is better.

#3. When To Use Laser Sight

As calculated, the laser sight in BGMI helps increase the hip-fire accuracy by 30%. You can use this attachment if your hip-fire is bad. It may help you improve your hip-fire skills. You can connect bullets in close-range combat better due to the smaller crosshair.

You need to decide whether to use the laser sight or other foregrips because you can choose only one. Keep in mind that the laser sight is completely useless in mid-range and long-range combat. Moreover, it can also reveal your position by the laser ray.

Use The Laser Sight In Close Combat
Use the laser sight in close combat

#4. Best Weapons With Laser Sight

The pistol is the best weapon to use the laser sight. Most of the pistols in BGMI and PUBG Mobile accept only the laser sight. Moreover, hip-fire is the best firing mode for this kind of weapon. Then, the laser sight will work well with this weapon category.

Besides, this attachment also works well with PUBG Mobile SMGs, such as UMP45 and Vector. These SMGs are very useful and powerful in face-to-face combat and hip-firing due to their stability and low recoil.

Use Laser Sight For Pistols
Use laser sight for pistols.

#5. Tip To Use Laser Sight

You should keep the laser sight in your pistol to save space in your backpack. When you are about to engage in close combat, especially in hot-drop locations like School in Erangel or Bootcamp in Sanhok, attach the laser sight to your AR for better hip-firing.

In these small but crowded compounds, you often take face-to-face combat in which the laser sight will help you much. You can also attach a muzzle to help you control the gun recoil, such as a compensator.

Those are the best tips and tricks to use the laser sight in BGMI effectively. All attachments in BGMI should be rated rightly.

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