Most of the BGMI veteran players can play pretty well with their tips and tricks. But you need the best esports tips to play like a pro player. Check out the top 5 extreme BGMI esports tips to be professional enough to compete in esports tournaments.

#1. Understand Zone Patterns

BGMI pro players can read the zone patterns well. Map knowledge is a must for every BGMI pro player but esports players have to learn how to maneuver the map based on the game time. You can land in the center of the first zone to stay inside the second circle or even the third circle. You don't have to move much when you stay inside the circle.

Moreover, you have to remember and understand all the terrains and locations on the map. It requires much practice and training. Then, you can lead your team to move to the next safe location. For example, when you have to escape the Military Island to get to the playing zone on the main island, using the board is safer than running through bridges.

Pubg Mobile Zone Prediction
Read the zone patterns and draw the best route to move.

#2. Read Opponents' Strategies

BGMI pro players must be able to read the strategy of the opponents in a gunfight to know how to defend. To do that, you have to keep track of all enemies' movements. If the enemy teams separate into two directions, they may want to surround and make you sandwiched. Choose to take them down one by one.

Contributing damage to the enemy with your teammates lets you take the target down faster. Esports players often use grenades and Molotovs when the enemy team gathers in one spot. So, you need to use smoke grenades in a large area to confuse them when you have to revive teammates.

Guess Enemys Moves
Guess enemy's moves to attack or defend.

#3. Use Smoke To Blind Enemies

Another important esports tip in PUBG in general that pro players often practice is using smoke grenades to blind enemies. Esports players in BGMI and PUBG Mobile advise you that utilities are very important in this battle royale game, such as smoke grenades, Molotov cocktails, and healing items.

Pro players often keep 4-5 smoke grenades in their backpacks to use in gunfights. When they need to move through the open ground, they often throw some smoke grenades to blind enemies and make a cover on their route to stay safe. They also use the smoke to cover when healing HP because pro players know how to spam bullets to kill you when you are uncovered.

Pro Players Often Use Smoke
Pro players often use smoke grenades to cover and blind enemies.

#4. Make Uses Of Enemies' Weak Points

In esports matches, a wrong move can be a deadly mistake. You need to keep track of the enemies' movements and predict what they will do next and plan what you can do. When they make a mistake and reveal their position or lose track of you, attack and finish them.

In addition, aim to the weak points of the target to cause damage. For example, if he wears a level-3 helmet and a level-2 vest, shoot to his chest to take him down faster. If he wears a full level-3 armor set, spray bullets or snipe to his legs and arms.

Aim To The Weak Points
Aim to the weak points

#5. Improve Trust & Teamwork

One of the most important BGMI esports tips to play like a pro is teamwork. You need to improve trust and teamwork to be the strongest team on the battleground. In esports matches, you can hardly do a clutch when going solo and countering a full squad of pro players. Trust and treat your teammates well. Perform good teamwork to get Chicken Dinner because it’s the ultimate purpose in esports. 

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