BGMI 1.6 Flora Menace game mode is available on three classic maps, including Livik, Erangel, and Sanhok. Apart from human enemies, players also have to know how to defeat Cell-Matrix Robots that are very powerful and hard to defeat. Here are some tips and tricks to defeat this famous enemy in BGMI Flora Menance.

#1. Understand Every Robot

There are several types of Cell Matrix Robots in BGMI Flora Menance with different health and attack patterns. All these robots can shoot balls of electricity to damage players. These electric balls move pretty slowly, so you can easily dodge by moving left and right. You should understand the attack patterns of two Cell Matrix robot types to know how to defeat them.

Model-A robots throw electric balls slowly. You just need to move left and right to dodge their balls while keeping the aim at the robot and shoot. Use ARs, LMGs, or shotguns to deal huge damage in close combat.

Model-C robots are more nimble. They move faster than Model-A robots. Moreover, they can jump and shoot players in high places. They can also fire missiles to kill you. This robot type is more dangerous but you will be warned by a red circle on the ground indicating the blast radius. Players only have to leave the warning circle to avoid taking damage. You can also shoot to destroy the missile launcher on their right shoulders.

Model A Robots
Model-A robots are easy to defeat.

Be careful when countering the robot with the red outline because it's the boss robot. The Boss is more powerful, mobile, and strong. Its HP bar is long. When facing bosses, place some Riot Shields around you to make the cover. Shoot down drones that Bosses release and destroy their missile launchers before focusing on shooting them down.

You should team up with friends to defeat these robots quickly and get Chicken Dinner together in BGMI Flora Menance.

Use Shields When Facing Bosses
Use shields when facing bosses.

#2. Keep Safe Distance

Cell-Matrix Robots self-destruct and cause damage to players around them when they take damage. Therefore, you should maintain a safe distance from the robot so that you won't be killed by the explosion. You can also use the explosion to kill enemies near the robot. Maintaining a safe distance also lets you dodge robot attacks easier.

Dont Stay Close To The Robot
Don't stay close to the robot

#3. Do A Clutch

You should move and gather Cell-Matrix robots together. These robots often walk after you when they spot you. So, you can gather them and destroy one robot. Then, the explosion helps you destroy all robots around it. It's the fastest way to do a clutch in BGMI when you encounter a group of robots. You can also use a frag grenade to cause huge damage to these robots.

Make Robots Gather To Do A Clutch
Make robots gather to do a clutch.

#4. Loot Supplies

After you destroy a robot, it will drop many supplies, including Riot Shields. Many players often ignore these supplies because they think they don't need them. But many supplies are good for you.

For example, the Riot Shield gives you a perfect cover when being surrounded by enemies and robots. In that panic situation, place some shields to make the cover and deal with enemies first. It's hard to defeat all of them at once without the cover.

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