BGMI gun skins are diverse. They can be free or very expensive but weapon skins in BGMI and PUBG Mobile do not make the weapon stats change. It guarantees the balance of the game. But gun skins in BGMI are still worth getting. Check out this guide on how to get these gun skins and pick up the best gun skins to get in BGMI 2021 here.

M416 Glacier
Gun skins BGMI do not make the stats change.

I. How To Get All Gun Skins In BGMI

BGMI and PUBG Mobile developers often update new gun skins every season and update. There are thousands of weapon skins in these two mobile games for players to get and equip now. Those are all beautiful and worth getting either they are free or expensive. Let's see how to buy or get these gun skins in BGMI for free here.

1. Buy Paid BGMI Gun Skins

Paid gun skins in BGMI are very stunning. To get these skins, you need to pay real cash to buy them directly or indirectly. There are some ways to get these paid weapon skins in BGMI indirectly with real cash.

  • Get gun skins from Elite Royale Pass: BGMI players need to pay real cash to upgrade to the Elite Pass and Elite Pass Plus. In the Elite Pass, players will be rewarded with many themed skins, including weapon skins. For example, you can get Chrono Cyborg AKM skin after upgrading to Elite Pass in BGMI C1S2 Temporal Warrior now.
  • Buy Packages to get rare skins. There are some treasure packages that cost you UC.
  • Top up UC in BGMI to open crates and get weapon skins randomly. These weapons skins are often rare. Moreover, many of them will be replaced by new skins after every update.
  • Pay UC to play lucky spins to get gun skins.

You need to pay real cash and top up UC to get gun skins by these methods.

Skins From Crates
There are many stunning gun skins from different crates in BGMI.

2. Get Free Gun Skins In BGMI

Apart from expensive gun skins in BGMI, you also have the chance to get many free gun skins. It means that you don't need to pay real cash to get these BGMI gun skins. Check out some ways to get free BGMI gun skins in 2021.

  • Redeem Silver coins in the Redeem Shop. BGMI have a Redeem Shop with a lot of bundles and skins for weapons, parachutes, backpacks, etc. You don't need to use UC to go shopping in this shop. The currency used in BGMI Redeem Shop is the silver coins that can be obtained from daily login rewards, in-game activities, and tier rewards. The gun skins in this shop are also updated occasionally. For example, Lilac Attack VSS, Pink N Green DBS, Poison Fang SLR, and many new gun skins have been added recently.
  • Free Royale Pass also has many themed gun skins. You need to complete RP missions to earn RP points, rank up, and get the reward.
  • Get a gun skin every season from the tier reward. Players will get a gun skin every season when they reach Diamond tier.

In addition, there are some events that reward players with permanent or time-limited gun skins. The chance to get permanent skins is very low.

Redeem Shop
You can get many gun skins in Redeem Shop for free.

II. Best BGMI Gun Skins Free

There are many gun skins that you can get for free in BGMI now. Check out the top 3 free gun skins in Battlegrounds Mobile India that are most preferred.

#1. C1S2 - Groza

C1S2 Groza is the rarest free gun skin in circle 1 season 2. You can only get it after reaching the Diamond tier this season. When C1S2 is over, you can no longer get this gun skin. Try to rank up fast and get this skin reward before the next season starts.

Free Skin From Tier Rewards
You can get a C1S2 skin reward for Groza from tier rewards.

#2. Pinpoint Slaughter - Skorpion

Pinpoint Slaughter is the free gun skin for Skorpion. It's available to get at level 35 in Free Pass of Temporal Warrior season. This gun skin looks very cool and dangerous.

Gun Skisn From Rp
You can get Pinpoint Slaughter skin for Skorpion from free Pass in update 1.6.

#3. Lilac Attack - VSS

Lilac Attack is a new gun skin in the Redeem Shop. This gun skin makes the semi-sniper VSS more brilliant.

Lilac Attack Vss
Lilac Attack is a brilliant free gun skin in Redeem Shop.

III. Top Paid BGMI Gun Skins

If you can afford the Elite Pass, you will have the chance to win the themed gun skin in C1S2. Besides, you can pay UC to get some upgradable weapon skins from different crates in the game.

#1. Footlong - Mini 14

Footlong is the cool gun skin for the legendary DMR Mini-14 that players can get from the Elite Pass of C1s2. It has an impressive appearance. Have you ever seen a gun with a big hotdog attached to the gun?

Footlong Mini 14
Footlong Mini 14 has a cool and unique appearance.

#2. Deadly Precision - Beryl M762

Deadly Precision is an upgradable gun skin for the powerful AR Beryl M762. It has a luxurious and high-class appearance. You can get further effects by upgrading it in the lab.

Deadly Precision Beryl
Upgrade Deadly Precision to get kill effects.

#3. Glacier - M416

Glacier skin is always one of the most favorite gun skins in PUBG Mobile India. It was introduced a long time ago but Glacier hasn't been replaced yet because a lot of players are still crazy for it.

Those are the top favorite BGMI gun skins. Top up UC to get expensive and stunning skins or complete missions to win free skins before they are replaced.

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