Chinese players often have a lot of skills and insane tricks. Are you curious why Chinese players play PUBG Mobile so well? Let's see how to play BGMI well like Chinese players and learn how to improve your skills.

#1. Quick Response

If you have ever downloaded and played Game For Peace - the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile for domestic players, you will notice that all movements and gestures of characters are made faster. It makes players respond more quickly.

If your reaction is not good, you can practice and improve it in Game For Peace. This version helps you improve quick response and gives you an advantage when returning to BGMI gameplay.

React Quickly
Play with real players and react quickly.

#2. Quick Movements

Chinese players often try to play faster and faster every day. They always try to increase their movement speed, even when they play in other versions of PUBG Mobile, such as BGMI. It helps them play better than other players.

You should remove the delay between two moves, such as jump and crouch or jump and sprint. Try to make your fingers faster and faster to connect all actions and movements in the game.

Connect Action And Remove Delay
Connect action and remove the delay between movements.

#3. Five-Finger Claw Plus

To play faster, Chinese players often play with 5 fingers or more. If you follow some Chinese pro players, such as Paraboy, you notice that he often plays with a 5-finger claw.

He started playing PUBG Mobile with a 2-finger claw. Then, he practices and plays this game with 4 and 5-finger claws. So, you should learn to play with a 4-finger claw or more to react fast and play BGMI well.

#4. Smart Movements

Besides speed, Chinese players also have smart movements. For example, they often fall prone after each knock to reload ammo or heal their HP. It helps them avoid headshots and dodge bullets that go at chest level. This movement surprises enemies and makes Chinese players look fast. But you need to crouch or stand up quickly and move before the enemy can track down on you again.

Prone After Each Knock
Prone to dodge bullets.

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